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There are a number of searchable online databases and lists now available to help you to locate a homeopathic practitioner in your area:

The NASH directory of registered homeopaths

You can also consult the database of classical homeopaths maintained by Steven Waldstein

There is an informative article available, Standards of Homeopathic Training and Practice in Canada

The following organisations can also help you locate a homeopathic physician in your area.

North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)
1122 East Pike Street, # 1122
Seattle, WA 98122
tel: (206) 720-7000
fax: (208) 248-1942

National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (Canada)
1445 St. Joseph Blvd.
Gloucester, ON K1C 7K9
tel 613-830-4759
fax 613-830-9174

Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada
3910 Bathurst Street
Suite 202
Ontario, M3H 3N8
tel 416-638-4622
fax 416-398-7576

The Ontario Federation of Homeopathic Practitioners
tel (416) 654 5156

Ontario Homeopathic Association
Ontario Homeopathic Association
1043 Bloor Street West, Suite 205,
Ontario Canada M6H 1M4
tel 416-516-6109
fax 416-516-7725

S.P.H.Q. (Syndicat Professionnel des Homéopathes du Québec)
1600 rue de Lorimier,
bureau 382,
Montréal (Québec),
H2K 3W5
tel (514) 525-2037, outside Montréal 1-800-465-5788
fax (514) 525-1299

Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy
2246 Spruce Street
Vancouver, BC
V6H 2P3
tel 604-733-6811
fax 604-738-7270

2nd Flr, 924 17 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2T 0A2
tel (403) 245 1236

West Coast Homeopathic Society
#101 - 1001 West Broadway
Unit 120
British Columbia
V6H 4E4
tel (604) 803-9242

Training Colleges

The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy
1173 boul. du Mont-Royal,
Outremont (Québec)
H2V 2H6
tel (514) 279-6629
fax (514) 279-0111

The British Instutute of Homoeopathy Canada
Liz Henderson, Director
P.O. Box 46031
Ottawa - Ontario
K1J 9M7
tel 613-749-9762

Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
Medical Arts Building
170 St. George Street, Suite 607
Ontario M5R 2M8
tel (800) 563-1613 and (416) 964-6438 (Registrar)

Centre de Techniques Homéopathiques
910 Bélanger
Québec H2S 3P4
tél: 514-277-1007
fax: 514-277-5927

Homeopathic College of Canada
280 Eglinton Ave East
M4P 1L4
tel (416) 481-8816
toll free N America: 1-888-DR-HOMEO (374-6636)
fax (416) 481-4444

Manitoba College of Homeopathic Medicine
500-240 Graham av.
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 0J7
tel 1 (204) 925-5456 or
fax 1 (204) 925-5469

Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine
905 College Street
M6H 1A1
tel 416-535-5995
fax 416-535-2964

Hahnemann Center for Homeopathy and Heilkunst
1445 St. Joseph Blvd.
Ottawa ON K1C 7K9
tel 1-613-830-2556
fax 1-613-830-2506

Homeopathic Master Clinician Course
Luminos Homeopathic Courses Ltd.
F-31, Bowen Island
British Columbia
tel 604-947-0757
fax 604-947-0764
Intermediate/Advanced Courses--Locations all over North America

International Academy of Homeopathy
tel (416)481-8816

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
2300 Yonge Street
Box 2431
Toronto, Ont.
M4P 1E4
tel 1-416-486-8584

Toronto School Of Homeopathic Medicine (TSHM)
17 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1L1
tel 416-966-2350
toll-free 800-572-6001
fax 416-966-1724

Vancouver Homeopathic Academy
PO Box 34095
Station D
Vancouver, BC.
tel (604)-708-9387
fax (604)-708-1547

The Annapolis Royal Institute of Homeopathy
1330 Youngs Mt. Rd.
Youngs Cove, Nova Scotia
Canada BOS lLO

Homeopathic Pharmacies

Glebe Apothecary
778 Bank Street

K1S 3V6
tel: (613) 234-4643

fax: (613) 234-8432
Toll Free 1-888-689-9890

Boiron Canada
816 Guimond Boulevard
Montreal, PQ J4G 1T5
tel (450) 442-2066
fax (450) 442-9079

103, 1640 16th Avenue NW
Alberta T2M0L6
tel (403) 282 3766
fax (403) 282 3702

Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare
1475 St. Edward Blvd. North
Lethbridge, Alberta
Canada T1H 2P9
tel (403) 320-6500
fax (403) 320-6676

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