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U.K. Organisations

The following organisations can help you locate a homœopathic practitioner in your area.

For a searchable and area list of RSHom practitioners see The Society of Homeopaths Register

For a comprehensive online list of UK homœopathic practitioners by area see The Institute of Homœopathy

If you want to know where the nearest homœopathic pharmacy is, you can search the UK Yellow Pages for 'homoeopaths'.

The Society of Homeopaths (yes, they have changed the spelling)          
11 Brookfield
Duncan Close
Moulton Park
tel: 0845 4506611

The Homeopathic Medical Association  
6 Livingstone Rd.
Kent DA12 5DZ
tel 01474 560336
fax 01474 327431

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths 
26 Sunningdale Avenue
Leigh on Sea
Essex SS9 1JZ
tel 08700 REMEDY (736339)

The Faculty of Homeopathy
15 Clerkenwell Close
London EC1R 0AA
0207 566 7810
0207 566 7815

An organisation linked to the Faculty, for patients/supporters and education is:

The British Homeopathic Association
15 Clerkenwell Close
London EC1R 0AA

tel 020 7566 7800

fax 020 7566 7815

The International Register of Consultant Herbalists and Homoeopaths
32 King Edward Road
S. Wales
tel/fax: (01792) 655 886

World Electro-Homoeopathic Organisation (WEHO)
P.O.Box 2138

British Homoeopathic Dental Association
2B Franklin Road,
Herts WD1 1QD
tel 01923 233 336

British Association of Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons
Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre,
Chinham House,
Oxon SN7 8NQ
tel 01367 710 324

The Northern Ireland Association of Homeopaths
Secretary: Kenneth Mayne LicISH MARH
8 Grandmere Park
Northern Ireland BT20 5RF
tel (44
) 28 9147 2502

Frontline Homeopathy (A registered charity)
Frontline, BushMaster House,
204 Uxbridge Road,
London, W12 7JD
tel/fax +44 208 749 0093

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