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Questions about low histamine and low GABA?

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  • Questions about low histamine and low GABA?


    I am trying to find out as much information as possible about low histamine. I am having terrible problems with anxiety. I went to the doctor and got tested for several things but my histamine came back low. It's odd I have more symptoms of high histamine than low but the blood test came back low. The doctor doesn't seem to know much about low histamine. He had me taking istonal (sp) that made my anxiety worse. He then told me to take 5HTP and I refused because I read that it's not good either. He had me take an assessment (I am not sure if I should refer to the name in the post) and turns out I am very deficient in GABA but the amino acids that I should take for low GABA are ones that don't go well with low histamine. So I am not sure what to do. There are not many doctors in my area that even have knowledge about amino acids. It's SSRI drugs which again made my anxiety worse and I am not even open to trying one after the other. My doctor finally said that maybe I am bipolar since SSRI drugs don't work for me. Well I read that people with low GABA could be bipolar. Well I don't like being a experiment trying this and that. Is there a way to determine one way or the other what is wrong with me? What tests should I ask for?

    Anyway I am not sure about the low histamine either. Is this a nutritional deficiency or chemical imbalance that is genetic? How often should I get my histamine levels tested? I am concerned about taking L-histadine and getting the levels too high. Most of the googling I do about low histamine gives me schizophrenic information and I am not schizophrenic. In fact the doctor didn't think I was bipolar either because he said I don't seem like a bipolar person but his clue to even think about bipolar and even then very very mild was that I am unable to take SSRI drugs.

    I am getting very frustrated. I am also wondering if brain scans can accurately show ADD, OCD, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder etc? I saw there is place near me that does brain scans. If it would give me a clear diagnosis without trying this drug or that drug with all kinds of side effects I would rather do that.

    Anyway I live in Colorado. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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    this is much too complex for a discussion forum,you need to see a trained classical homeopath in your state,and make an appt for a full casetaking (aprox 2 hrs)
    here is a link with a directory of homeopaths for each state in the USA
    Please let us know how it progresses after the remedies.
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      "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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        RE : low histamine and GABA

        Histamine is produced from folic acid and L-Histidine. If you have low histamine, you probably have low levels of these two nutrients...

        NOT all Low Histamine individuals are Schizophrenic.
        But, panic attacks, and anxiety are very common in low histamine.
        Why ?
        Because histamine and norepinephrine are opposites. If you have low histamine, your dominant excitory neurotransmitter will probably be norepinephrine (NOR-adrenaline). Noradrenaline is a stress hormone and will cause panic attacks by inducing the stress signal to your adrenal glands.

        You'd outta get your Copper levels checked too...
        Copper decreases histamine release..

        For now, you can try supplementing with Vitamin-B12 and Folic Acid. Also try increasing intake of Animal Protein. I would still have a homeopath over-see your changes though, just to be cautious.

        You probably also will have a low sex drive, if you have low histamine. Histamine stimulates hormone release from the pituitary...

        As far as GABA, I would suggest Picamilon, or straight GABA supplement.
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