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  • Everything is possible

    Iím not familiar with the mysteries of homeopathy. However, as a researcher of the human mind, I discovered that everything is possible. Many other people made the same discovery in many other ways, in many different fields, and in different historical times. These people belonged to different civilizations and used different methods to understand what is real. My discovery is not original, but until today most people cannot admit the possibility to cure diseases through many different ways.

    I have many friends in Brazil, where I was born. I live in Greece many years because I have many Greek relatives, anyhow, and I have two friends in Rio de Janeiro who have a homeopathic drugstore. They told me that they found the treatment for cancer by using a mass produced by the liver of sharks. The mass would be perfect only when it would be prepared manually, in other words, by human hands. When they tried to produce this mass automatically with their machines, they saw that the result was not the same. This medicine was very successful at that time. This case happened 10 years ago. I donít know many details about it, but I clearly remember my Brazilian friends' words.

    Sharksí livers were used to produce medicine for the cure of cancer. This story was really impressing. This was a homeopathic treatment.

    Do you believe that everything is possible?
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    of course,if you try ,everything is possibile...

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    No better chance of contentment, ffxiv gil than in the way that we talk to ourselves.


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      Yes !!!! I agree with you...I think everything is possible...then you will done it...


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        I think that in the field of health the power of the mind and belief is of utmost importance, and it is quite possible to 'think yourself well' or 'think yourself ill'... this is the 'placebo effect' of course, but the way it is considered in Western medicine is almost entirely negative. We should be harnessing the power of positive thoughts and beliefs to better our own health!
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          This is so good and i agree with you...this is really impressing.....
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