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How to remove dark circles under eyes?

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  • How to remove dark circles under eyes?

    Hi friends,

    I am new in this forum so i want to discuss with all of you that I have a dark circle under my eyes. I am very possessive about my face and health.
    I am trying lost of treatment to remove dark circles under my, please can anyone give me the best solution that "How to remove dark circle"
    Sorry for my bad English

    Thanks in advance for giving me the right solution.
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    Have a good sleep and sleep at least 6 to 7 hours. after a time these circles will remove automatically.
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      Sleap at least 8 hours a day and you won't have this problem. There is some cosmetic products but they are not very effective.


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        Dark Circles under eyes...

        I am also a sufferer of this problem. I have complete sleep but still the problem is not solved. When I don't sleep properly the dark circles become more prominent and I look very weak. If I sleep properly then also the dark circles don't go away. So I don't think only sleeping is the cause of it. There may be some other reason behind it. May be some vitamin deficiency or hemoglobin deficiency.
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          What kind of answer do you two want? If you look up that symptom in Kent or other generally reliable repertories available online, you'll find that hundreds of medicinse have cured it because they produced it in the healthy. In fact, I'm quite sure that we will eventually discover that every single substance in the entire universe will eventually be discovered to have produced it in the sick and cured it in the healthy because every drug will do that, or so the polychrests seem to have shown us.

          Do you know how to find that list?

          The problem is that it's just a common symptom. Do you understand why it and every other common symptom is therapeutically useless and therefore why the name of the disease also is?

          I don't otherwise know what to tell you two because allopathic assumptions underlie it, and they're all false.

          God bless!
          Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
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            Dark circles can be hereditary. You can rub a small amount raw coconut oil around your eyes before a shower in order to give that area nutrients needed to fight the occurrence of your dark circles. I will also your lashes grow too
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              Side question, unrelated to dark circles under eyes....

              Dr. Leon Vannier, teacher of Voegli..... any thoughts on Vannier's books ?



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                Originally posted by Citizen_Jimserac View Post

                . . . Vannier, teacher of Voegli..... any thoughts on Vannier's books ?
                I responded with questions to you in the Homeopathy Discussion forum.
                Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
       and and and