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  • Losing Hair

    Mostly thinning hair and hair loss are also common in women, and no less demoralizing. Reasons can range from the simple and temporary—vitamin a deficiency—to the more complex, like an underlying health condition.

    Some Reasons Why You're Losing Your Hair:
    *Physical stress-when you have a really stressful event, it can shock the hair cycle, (pushing) more hair into the shedding phase.
    Like Pregnancy- Giving birth is pretty traumatic that can cause stress
    *Emotional stress-is less likely to cause hair loss than physical stress, but it can happen, for instance, in the case of divorce, after the death of a loved one, or while caring for an aging parent.
    *Vitamin B deficiency
    Although relatively uncommon in the U.S., low levels of vitamin B are another correctable cause of hair loss. Biotin is a B vitamin. It is one of the eight vitamins in the vitamin B-complex. The B vitamins, in general, help in promoting healthy nerves, skin, eyes, hair, liver and a healthy mouth.

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    Hair Loss Problem

    Other Causes:

    Most people normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. This amount of hair loss shouldn't cause noticeable thinning of the scalp hair. As people age, hair tends to gradually thin. Other causes of hair loss include hormonal factors, medical conditions and medications

    Other causes of hair loss
    Hair loss can also result from:
    - A physical or emotional shock
    - Hair-pulling disorder
    - Certain hairstyle

    One of the most frustrating issues ladies could be confronting with is strictly related to the matter of hair loss. Inexplicable hair loss is always a great concern and poses a great risk of stress for many ladies and gentleman. And if baldness seems to be more easily embraced by most men who are willing to accept the fact that hair loss is a natural consequence of their getting old, the same cannot actually be said by ladies. It’s rare that we see a bold elderly woman, and seeing a young woman getting bold in front of our eyes is yet another ugly scenario to be thinking of.

    The best way to do things is to go to a pharmacy and ask for a Biotin vitamin.


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      I have no idea about women facing these hair loss problems, but yes I am also facing the same problem of thin hair. It all happened when I had to shift from my home town to my work place, Noida, hub for IT industry in India. 90% people who migrate here are facing this problem..including me. I researched about the main cause of hair loss and I found that the water we use for bathing has great amount of chlorine in it.. It's been 5 years for me living here, but I have never used this water for drinking purpose..High amount of chlorine present in water is the main reason why 90% people here are suffering from fungal infection and losing their hair..It is sad that no official or people from health industry are taking the right step to correct this...REALLY SAD FACT ABOUT NOIDA, INDIA.

      If I talk about women who lose their hair due to pregnancy, they can gain easily just by following the right things. In Ayurveda or in Homeopathy, there are tons of remedies for hair loss problems during pregnancy.
      Post pregnancy a women has to go through many beauty problems and hair fall is one of them. So try these tips and remedies to prevent hair loss after pregnancy.


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        Hair loss is a very common problem. My family members are very stressed out with this problem. To get a solution for this, my sister has started using hair beauty supply online products. The products are available at ehair wig store. You can check this out to order it online.