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Tips to Manage Pain

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  • Tips to Manage Pain

    Identifying which type of pain you have is the first step in taking control:

    Acute pain comes on suddenly. It can be brief or last for weeks or months. Acute pain goes away once the cause has been treated.
    Chronic pain is ongoing. It may result from an injury or infection or be psychogenic, meaning itís unrelated to injury. Chronic pain persists for months or years and affects your physical and emotional well-being.

    Tips for preventing chronic pain:
    - Stay Hydrated
    - Food to Eat (Include leafy greens, fruits and soy products.)
    - Support daily supplements with high in omega-3 fatty acids like Hercules Fish Oil that contains DHA and EPA, two essential fatty acids that help support and maintain the cardiovascular system. In scientific research, Fish Oil is shown to maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range and to support blood pressure also within the normal range. In addition to benefiting heart health, the omega-3 fatty acid DHA benefits the brain. The brain is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially the omega-3 essential fatty acid DHA. Obtaining sufficient omega-3 is crucial for brain health, especially, cognitive function and mood. For women, fatty acids in Fish Oil are also shown to reduce the discomforts of PMS and menopause.