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  • Exercise

    It is much better to consult first to health expert.
    Exercise is good for people with a back pain, but there are some bad back exercises that you should avoid. Back problems can be very serious. You will need to ensure that you do the right exercises to improve the health of your back, while avoiding exercises which could cause more harm than good. Here are the exercises that you should avoid doing when you have a painful back.
    Like Toe Touches:

    -When you have a back pain you must avoid doing toe touches. This will stretch your back and put extra pressure on the ligaments and disks in your spine. This can cause a lot of harm and major problems to your back.
    Additional-Patients with a history of heart disease, diabetes or fatigue may need to have certain hormone levels that could affect their exercise ability checked. Low thyroid or testosterone levels can play a major role in fatigue as well as muscle pain. If fatigue is slowing your desire to exercise, discuss options to test hormone levels with your physician.

    -Resveratrolís benefits include help with blood sugar, inflammation and longevity. It may or may not benefit exercise directly, but like CoQ10, it might aid in healing the body after workouts. It can be particularly helpful for those with a history of heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Dosage is 20 mg daily.

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    Yes, you are right. People just see some exercise videos on youtube and start doing that, without even finding out whether those exercises will help them or have adverse effects on them. They never ask any physical therapist..


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      I do exercise 3 times a week, but I have a trainer who guides me do it correctly.