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What Is Cyanocobalamin?

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  • What Is Cyanocobalamin?

    Cyanocobalamin is a water-soluble member of the B family of vitamins which is more commonly referred to as vitamin B12. This vitamin doesnít occur naturally. Instead, it is synthesized by the conversion of hydroxocobalamin, which is produced from various strains of bacteria through an exchange of cyanide molecules and then purified with exposure to activated charcoal. Since this nutrient is considered the most air-stable member of the vitamin B family, it is also the most commonly used form of vitamin B12 utilized in the food and dietary supplement industries.
    It should be noted that while cyanocobalamin is recognized as a form of vitamin B12, it isnít the only one. In fact, the two terms are not necessarily interchangeable. Vitamin B12 actually represents a class of chemically related vitamins that exhibit similar pharmacological characteristics. Still, since cyanocobalamin is the form most stable and easily absorbed form, itís likely to be included in the list of ingredients on a bottle of multivitamins where the vitamin B12 content is given.