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Cottage cheese?

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  • Cottage cheese?

    Cottage cheese derived its name from 'cottages' where the cheeses are made, literally. It is prepared atop stoves homes found in the rural areas. People who originally manufactured the 'real thing' let nature take its course by leaving the milk to coagulate and turn sour.

    Cottage Cheese is small curds of soft, white cheese in a delicious cream base. Milk is pasteurized at 161 for 16 seconds. In the case of lowfat cottage cheese, the cream is skimmed off. Culture and microbial enzymes are sometimes added and cheese forms. Then the cheese is cooled and cut into smooth, firm curds. The curds are heat treated and the whey is drained off. A dressing is made with cream, salt, and other organic ingredients and mixed into the curds. The curds are then vat set before packaging.

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