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  • Coronavirus Survivor Guide.

    Are you prepared for virus outbreak? Get the survival life guide to pandemic preparedness today. For healthy tips on how to stay safe and avoid infection and many more.

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    World all over now in a panic state due to Corona virus
    Started from China, through Iran, Itally ,India, Spain USA, UK and world all over
    Thousands dying and drs became helpless , society in panic state
    No place in Hospital
    Iam from Kerala , India. A Homoeopathic Dr. 35 years of experience in this field of homoeopathy
    For the last 15 years in our small state Kerala, encountered many new diseases which mostly appeared in monsoon season
    The major attack by Chikun guniya 10 years ago and Dengue Haemorrhagic fever 5 years ago. Both are new diseases to our state at that time.

    I and our Hompaths all over in our state, treated thousands of cases all over with success. Both preventive as well as treatment wise.
    In Dengue- platelet-the blood clotting factor suddenly falls , to 7000 to 10000 in many cases(1.5 lak to 3 lakh-normal) and with homoeopathic treatment, with in 3 or 4 days count become normal and patient well. Otherwise the hospitalized cases , many needed blood transfusion and hospital stay for one week. And cost wise it is heavy also. So as a system, and especially for Virus treatment Homoeopathy is superior no doubt.

    Then 2 years before dreaded Nippa appeared. Only about 20 or something more cases appeared. But due to apt Government measures, all the patients and relatives quarantined and no further spread occurred. Unlike Dengue and chikunguniya, the treatment for Nippah and Covid 19 cannot treat in a clinic, as the infection spread in fast manner. So they should be isolated. And hospital treatment is the only option. Relatives, should be monitored and isolated.

    About Corona-my views,

    As the world is in panic , and the modern medicine is helpless, there is no medicine for the newly mutated virus. Thousands dying. Now they are trying antimalarial drugs, HIV drugs etc, etc. My question is why don't try homoeopathic medicines. Its not harmful as above, and many patients died still dying and going to die. Now they are giving symptomatic treatment, Homoeopthy can also give it in a better way. For People who don't know homoeopathy, I will explain how allopathic system and homoeopathic system work in a case of 'UTI'-urinary tract infection. In modern medicine they culture the urine and will find the organisms(E-coli, klebisella etc) and give respective antibiotics to kill bacteria and cure the case, In homoeopathy, we will also test and culture urine. But look for patients complete symptoms, and select remedies according to the symptoms and patient get cured.After treatment when you test urine, it become sterile. In typhoid cases, jaundice,Hepatiitis etc same occur. So modus operandi of both system are different, but aim and result is one.
    So in this panic state , my humble request is that Goverment all over the world , especially worst affected countries like UK, USA, Itally, Iran , etc etc all over the world should consider Homoeopathy, and give a chance to Homoeopathy for treatment also prevention
    It is cost very less, effective

    Dr Jayakumar M Pannakkal
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