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10 tips for staying healthy every day

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  • 10 tips for staying healthy every day

    1. When eating should pay attention to the quality, do not eat according to the amount of food, try not to be economical in eating. Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy and long life.

    2. Always walk whenever possible because with active exercise your body will not "accumulate" fat.
    3. When eating out at a restaurant, do not eat foods that you suspect may cause food poisoning or stomach ache.
    4. All food should be stored in the refrigerator to slow down the decomposition process. Throw away all foods that are out of date.

    5. If your job is in a sitting position, take 3 minutes every hour to exercise - stretch your entire body, stretch your knees and ankles, turn to your sides, lift and lower shoulders ... all that can stop you from sitting on your chair.

    6. Quit smoking, this not only saves money but more importantly it will "save" your body from a lot of toxic substances caused by tobacco, including nicotine.

    7. Worry as little as possible, it's best not to worry at all. The older the person is, the more stressed Moreover, anxiety is the cause of wrinkles and hair loss.

    8. Do not buy vegetables in large quantities. Try to buy the right amount for the last 2 days.

    9. Limiting the amount of alcohol in the body, adhering to the culture of using alcohol, keeping the body from falling into an unfavorable situation.

    10. If you're angry show it, don't keep it to yourself. Relieved anger is much healthier than holding it in your heart.

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    That's very true for number 5. I work in the office and from morning till night I spend my time sitting. It really hurts my back and my neck after a few hours only. But I started taking breaks in between to do some stretches and it really helps!