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  • Vulva Itching

    Hi everyone my name is Sweety and I have just joined this forum.

    I have been suffering from Vulva itching for the past 9 years. I have had various Homeopathic treatments but nothing has helped me.

    The symptoms of the Vulva itching are as follows:

    • Every time I go to the toilet I start itching after I have passed urine and when my vulva is wet. I have to always put Aqueous Cream on every time I wash my vulva or pass urine, if I donít put Aqueous Cream on then my vulva really itches
    • Every time I wash my vulva it always itches. Sometimes I have noticed that after I have washed my vulva it is very dry and white. When my vulva is dry and white it itches even more. When I itch these brown chunks of skin come off. I only wash with Dove Soap for Extra Sensitive Skin and Perfume Free.
    • I have to use a Soap with moistures in it. I canít use any other soap otherwise my vulva gets dry and starts to feel itchy.
    • Sometimes my Anus itches as well
    • When I get hot I start sweating down below, and I start itching.
    • When I get stressed I get all hot and my vulva starts sweating and I start feeling itchy.
    • Sometime a day before I am due to start my period, I know that I am going to start my period because my body goes all hot, itchy, clammy and feels so uncomfortable. If feels like my body is doing something. When I have finally started my period my body relaxes the itchiness, clammy feeling and everything else my body is feeling goes away but my vulva still itches during my period
    • When I am on my period I start feeling itchy.
    • I discharge - whitish, yellowish colour and fishy smell.
    • I smell a lot down below my knickers, trousers as well.
    • Sometime the itching gets worse in the morning and evening
    • When I have a shower I like to walk around with nothing on underneath and let the vulva breath and dry. If I wear my knickers when my vulva is wet then I start feeling itchy, I have to let the vulva dry thoroughly before I put anything on underneath. It is difficult when I go to the toilet because when my vulva gets wet it starts itching. I try and dry it thoroughly with toilet paper. I have to put the Aqueous Cream on my vulva.
    • I like walking around with nothing on underneath it feels so nice. The Vulva can breath and have some air. I have noticed that when I donít wear anything underneath I donít actually feel itchy, but as soon as I go to the toilet and my vulva gets wet and I put my knickers on I start feeling itchy. I have to put Aqueous Cream on my vulva to keep it mosit.
    I recently went to Pakistan and saw a Homeopathic Doctor. He perscribed me with the following remedies:

    1. Complex 2 Neuropathic Nerve Drops - to take Morning and Evening 15

    drops in water.

    2. Swiss Homeopathic Hayfever Drops - to take Noon and Night 10 drops in


    3. Hydrocotyle, Apis, Urica and Eclim - mixed together - before meals,

    to take 10 drops in water Noon and Night

    4. Psori 200 - 5 drops in water every second day.

    5. Alitris, Asoka, Helomres and Seleolpharica - mixed together - to take

    Morning and Evening 10 drops in water.

    I might of spelt some of the names of the remedies wrong, as I didn't

    understand the Doctor's writing.

    They have helped a bit. I have been taking them for about 3 months now.

    Can anyone advise me about the Homeopathic remedies. Has anyone heard of them.

    I would really appreciate the help and advise.

    Thank you

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    vulva itch

    You say that when your vulva is very dry, it is white. Is it the natural colour of your skin there or there are white scales? You say that on scratching brown chunks of skin come off. This is confusing me. Please elucidate.

    Are you having leucorrhoea(whitish yellow discharge of fishy smell)?

    Your posting on the other forum abchomeopathy is not identical and does not give so much of details. This does affect prescribing. Also, there you have become sheetie, though you remain sweety allright!


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      Thank you for your mail.

      The skin on my Vulva is brown the natural colour of my Vulva skin.

      The skin only comes of when I go to the toilet to urinate and then wipe my Vulva with toilet paper. Very tiny pieces of brown skin come off.

      I do get a whitish, yellowish, fishey smell discharge.

      My name is sheetie on the abc website because I could'nt log on as sweety.

      Thank you


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        Hi Sweety. I know you and many of you reading this have had a problem trying to find a great way either natural, homeopathic or over the counter to stop itching of the Vulva.

        This website uses a special compound of natural essential oils that stop vulva itching on contact. As a lady in Redwood City California who is experiencing the same symptoms as you and was seeking an effective vulva itch treatment found that Mightyz worked for her.

        You can see her testimonial letter she wrote on the testimonials page.

        Please understand this is not an advertisment, but an honest referral to refer you to an effective solution.

        I hope you find this of interest and have a great week.

        Scott Rauvers


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          Dear Sweety,
          I think its better to consult a qualified Homoeopath nearest to your location who can monitor the progress.There are several remedies for the symptoms you are mentioning.But in homoeopathy the totality of symptoms is very important to prescribe.You have mentioned so many homoeopathic remedies you have taken.I think the doses are not proper although it depends on the prescriber and his/her experience.
          In similar cases like you I advise Psorinum-1M 1 dose to start with and no medicines for one week internally.externally Hydrastis-Q 10drops in 2 ounce of luke warm water to wash thrice a day.After one week Kreosate-30 twice daily for 7 days,then it depends on the result to follow.
          This statement is only an example .So from this I think You might have got a good idea about the use of Homoeopathic medicines.So try to find out a good homoeopath who can take your case and analyse properly to give you selective remedy which will give you relief.Hope to hear from you that you got releif from the dis ease .
          Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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            Misdiagnosed 3 times!!!..BUT I found good info on it

            Vulvydinia and Lichen Sclerosis

            You want to know why no one knows or has answers to this and no cure...because these two are the result of multiple underlying issues.....keep reading

   after 2 years of build up of itching, treating twice for my own yeast infection. (I've only had 3 before in my life) the itching got stronger and felt more like electrical impulses I had to address with mineral oil and a major scratch session.

            My labia started to look shriveled and it became sore and painful. Sometimes there were tiny hard nubs near the surface of the labia.

            I finally booked an appt. Dr. took only ONE look and said "Jock Itch"...which made sense..I never had it before...and this was a different type of itch from your standard yeast infection.....well... it wasn't jock it. I was treating for it for a month. After the second week she changed the cream. Still no effect...getting worse now. On this same visit (the first) I notified her that I did not think it was a yeast infection because no disharge and the itching felt very different...more like bugs crawling and biting you. Clitoris to anus. I also developed later a lot of body itching. I would be laying there and it felt like a fly landed on my leg or arm.

            I went back in. She was saying yeast infection now. Meanwhile she never took tissue samples or took tissue to a lab.

            Diflucan for two months! Nothing..getting worse. I'm using whatever I can find to alleviate..olive oil, vicks vapor rub, mint scented creams. (The mint would trick the nerves and the itching would temporarly lighten)

   the next visit - cortizone creams and lidocaine cream. They did some improvement but after 2 came back..with a vengeance.


            I find another doctor through recommendation (in NYC) - an old skool guy. he is so old skool he accepts no insurance.

            He did take approx 8 tissues samples and in the same room tested for various virus and bacterial infections right in front of me while my legs were still up. He had a microscope RIGHT ON THE COUNTER in the exam room. I got to take a look and he explained everything he was doing and why!!!

            Gave 4 vials of blood. He is checking hormone, thyroid, iron (too much too little) everything. I will find results on these in a few days.

            So here is it!!
            DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....
            Some mild yeast AND....continue drum roll...

            Gardnerella Bacteria!!! it is a highly mis diagnosed bacteria. and why???

            No friggin microscopes in the Dr's offices!!!

            Now hear this. He cannot treat one or two things. There is a reason why you were not able to fight off these two bacteria. It's a whole system that got out of whack for various reasons!!! It's compounded!

            I was flabbergasted..I was immediately flashed back to the 70s! A time when logic and science was something that doctors worked under.

            When I had explained all my troubles earlier and how she just looked and said "jock itch". HE WAS LIVID.."you cannot just look and say yeast or jock itch" it has to be thoroughly TESTED and PROVEN! Then he just shook his head in disgust. Ok..he was a really sweet it sounds like he was mad..but I think it's frustrating from his point of view. You could tell.

            I'm waiting for results on Iron, Thyroid and other things he going to take hard look at.

            I was given a special cream that only ONE chemist in Manhattan makes from his own recipe. It is a steroid cream. He will also not prescribe prednisone..he has a milder form and one other antibiotoc for the gardnerella - specific-

            After the first 24 hours of starting labia looks almost back to normal. The itching is now much less frequent at the 24 hour mark..and I accomplished so much the next day!!!

            Also note..I had a bad infestation. My legs were retaining water and I started to have a rash on my high inner thigs. I big skin sensitivity was brewing. Apparently, it behaves like a virus injecting itself into your cells. The cells become infected and the backteria multiply and infect other cells. (Inclusion)

            You cannot screw around with this. Demand or find a doctor that has a microscope and demand he test for gardnerella while you are there!!!

            If you want the name of this very special doctor (nice older man) who is very thorough in his exam - he does "everything" including colon cancer screening while you are there. Ask in this forum for it and I will try to reply soon.



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              UPDATE Misdiagnosed 3 times!!!..BUT I found good info on it

              After my first phase of meds (for gardnerella and yeast infestation)..I still had persistent itching.

              I had one of my lab results back which added to my mysterious issue.

              I also have .....Streptococcus bacteria!! This lab result came back positive.

              So now I'm being treated with amoxicillian 500 mg 3 times a day. After 1st dose of Amox..The labia has better fuller and smoother texture. For itching at night I was given pain management of Amitriptyline which is very powerful. You cannot do anything after taking this..and will help you sleep.

              This new doctor has a gut instinct that the reason I'm holding this bacteria around is something with my endocrine system.

              He has been very diligent at knocking out each finding to get to the root problem.

              Please..if you are having a "mystery" and your doctor is just doing routine work..please go see this doctor in NYC.

              Contact me through the forum. I will email you his info. I don't want to post it as I do not have permission to do so..but if you found this and have a real mystery that no doctor can't or has to motivation to properly diagnose you..please email.


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                UPDATE to Lichen Sclerosis and itching

                A lot has happened since I got rid of the streptococcus.

                The best advice I can give at this point is be pro-active and informative on the nature of genes, hormones, proteins, enzymes and DNA. It sounds hard..but it's not as hard as we are told or thought...and as I engaged in the all helped me think in a broader spectrum of possibilities to the cause of my problems.

                Hang with me....

                So some itching returned...after being on steroid creams and anitbiotics for the streptococcus.

                ...And it was recommended by my doctor that I go see an endocrinologist!


                Because it turns out the thryroid, pituitary, hormones, proteins and foods can do a lot more damage than you think.

                After my first blood work..Eureka! I found at that my TSH levels were extremely high...and after a few visits and blood work..they concluded that I was Hypothyroid and had an overactive immune system. (please look up the nature of the connection of the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland as it can really **** you up if this is not a thousand ways)

                By the third bloodwork (they suspected) but confirmed had Hashimotos...And what do you know?...Lichen Sclerosis (the ONLY data you can get on it) is caused by an overactive immune system..and that's all they know. AND having Hashimoto's own body considered my thyroid gland a foreign object.

                How rude!

                My own immune system was attacking the very THING that was regulating all the other hormone functions in the rest of my body. I mean ****!

                Now i'm on Synthroid hormone replacement (everyday) and it has been an incredible improvement Being Hypothyroid makes you very huge, very tired, very stiff joints, short of breath and feel like you are so old. I see pictures of me now..compared to two years ago..what a difference!!!

                So trying to figure out the hashimotos/lichen sclerosis thing...(but yet..can't remember a damn thing about genetics from college) I decided to run over to Khan Academy (A site dedicated to free education without bullshit of test and quizzes..but gives you the real important data up front and explained in a very easy way) AND brush up on the BIOLOGY section starting from the (and have to start here first) Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection..on up to Phases of Meiosis.

       watching these,I started to think about the thousand of proteins I put in my body (see celiacs disease Coeliac disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) ..and thinking about the antibodies and immune system...and how easy it is for the body to mistake and ingested particle for a foreign object.

                I immediately cut out wheat gluten AND I cut out all soy proteins. I did this after looking at seminars (yes online) throughout the world given on autoimmune diseases..and realized that a lot of these symptoms are cross connected to other auto-immune diseases.

                Within a WEEK of stopping bread, pasta, teriyaki sauce (which I love and just "noting" the processed stuff that use soy.) I had the most remarkable improvement EVER!!! Trader Joes is my new grocery store. ALSO NOTE: There is a bromide / iodine connection which you MUST read about affecting the thryroid gland. Bromide is so closely related to the iodine..that the receptors on the thyroid gland....pick it up thinking it's iodine..which..if the throid doesn't GET actual iodone...look out!!!

                After two weeks...of noticeable improvement....I tested ingesting some real problem...THEN on SUSHI Night...I took some edamame..the "real McCoy" soy product..the source of all soy and all products that contain soy....VOILA...itching galore..withing 4-6 hours of ingesting!

                ****!..ok..that was interesting..

                I still have an increased itching 4 days BEFORE and 4 days AFTER my period..but ok..the rest of the month is very tolerable.

                I still have to figure out the connection of the menstruation hormones in that one week. I remember from health's the most dynamic time in a woman's body. That one friggin week.

                But that's where I am now.

                My body is still a mess from being hypothyroid for so long...and stupid me for not recognizing it. My body is still changing...and I'm still getting my "figure" back.

                It may work itself out over the long haul (i'm giving it another 6 months of hypo treatment)...but at least I suffer much less because I think one of the causes of lichen sclerosis is auto-immune / hormone / enzyme connected. I can feel the difference.


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                  UPDATE Itching/Lichen Sclerosis/Hormones and Endocrinologists

                  I'm not itch free yet. I recently posted about going to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism...which are connected to lichen sclerosis which connected to an autoimmunity issue..which is what Hashimoto's is.

                  Right now..I'm being treated and adjusted in my TSH levels for hypothyroidism with Synthroid..and have had incredible results in other fantastic weight and size loss..and more energy, less joint stiffness...there has been incredible improvement in that arena. I need to get this adjusted over the next few months to see if it resolves the lichen sclerosis. Possibly..but it is a long haul..of 6-12 months of treating the hypothyroidism. The funny thing about that it will really F-You up!..all over.

                  However, right now..I'm treating the bad itching nights with Amitriptaline (very rarely do I use I don't want to become dependent or desensitized to any heavy drugs) mostly 800 mg of plain ol' Bayer Aspirin has helped a lot with the itching! (ah asprin...the wonder drug)

                  Try two aspirin..within an hour..if the itching doesn't subside..then plop one more in.

                  But also..if your gynecologist keeps treating you for yeast...go to an will be weeks of blood work...but keep the aspirin popping and saving the good stuff for the worse nights.

                  Once you get at least some of the itching out out of the can heal better..while the lab results come back.

                  I don't think..overall that the gynecologist is or has the answer..they can prescribe special steroid creams to help..for awhile..and it alleviates some of the itching....but since they can't entirely treat it (you become desensitized to the creams)...and the itching comes back.

                  You can find an endocrinologist easily. They completely are into hormone levels...which control everything! My recommendation....make sure the endocrinologist uses a lab that takes insurance...versus..what these labs are trying to do now..which is bill the insurance company..AND the patient. Make sure the Dr. has a deal with the never ever ever EVER send a patient a bill.

                  I got a lab I called the doctor..he said fax it over..he would take care of it..and told me they should've never have sent it.

                  I, unfortunately, went to a gynecologist who's lab did not take insurance..and it caused me a year of overpriced grief! make sure the lab and doctor are in good cahoots!

                  Also..beware approx 5 days before to 5 days after your period..its the absolute FUCKING WORST itching scratching time..I take advantage of the pain killers then.
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                    Every single symptom you have is linked together
                    They are all part of the picture of an illness and occur light years before any Allopathic Diagnosis gets slaspped on or Allopathic drugs are foisted on you
                    The whole point of Homeopathy is to find the medicine which will cure the whole illness not bits of it

                    The problem is you have not found a Homeopath who truly knows what they are doing


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                      While I know...

                      this is supposed to be a holistic forum...I hate to blow the horn..but yes...women in desperation are posting everywhere with information. I'm here to tell my story..of what has worked and what hasn't.

                      I also have a friend who is a Dr. and a holistic Dr. When I told her about Hashimoto's being know what she said to me after I told her about everything I've done and been through....(now remember she is my friend..not my doctor) She said she can help me..but for certain price..just after she said "you are my friend..I don't like to see you suffer like this.. If you really wanted to you can somehow find the money".... Now if she is trying to get references and testimonials for herself..which she has none..wouldn't you think?

                      I haven't talked to her since because if it was reversed....I would not even have THOUGHT of money!


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                        Synthroid as Man-Made

                        Nothing Homeopathic has EVER helped me and mostly other women who have found this forum.Women are coming here..because all other avenues have been explored and no one has answers.

                        I even went on an all steamed vegetable diet for 5 months to rule out diet.
                        and Gluten free/Soy free diet. I have a special water filter I've used for the past 4 years to remove everything and metals.

                        I never use the same products. Soap, hair, tp.. I switch them up.

                        It has everything to do with Hashiomoto's and Lichen Sclerosis which is due to an overactive immune system I acquired in my late 30s. Everything after 40 is about "maintenance". In any other human timeline most people after 50 would be dead unless blessed by good genetics!

                        I'm too old and have lived through the 70s to know that homeopathic does NOT do anything to help aging or the maintenance of life's diseases AND the unfortunate gift genetics of Hashimotos that also plagued all the other girls on the same generation line in my family.

                        We all have it...and I'm pretty sure we don't eat and use the same products. I hear they eat pretty bad. I'm the thinnest of them.

                        What we need is more science and doctors using a "curiosity of the mysteries" instead of performing yearly standard tests like pap smears and treating for yeast infections when they hear "we have an itch. Even when we say "We have a raging itch which feels like electrical bugs biting you and I'm flying out of my seat.."...that would be a red flag....that is in NO WAY a yeast itch...and we get no notice for it.

                        We have to, at some point, take our own interest in our own hands.

                        So coming here..selling homeopathic not very helpful.. most of us tried those first!