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Help with Calc Carb 200

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  • Help with Calc Carb 200

    I have just started taking calc carb 200, I am I believe a calc carb type, and have had problems with my weight, I have an underactive thyroid also. Does anyone know if this is the right way to go, or is there something else I should be doing

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    You need to be monitored by a trained homeopath. First the remedy should be correct and then the doses need to be matched appropriate to your response.


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      Calc carb

      Thanks for the reply, there are no homeopaths in my area at all, so have been researching it myself. How can I do this


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        I think you can instead try to find a homeopath online whom you are comfortable with or who does phone consults. Florida is a state with a large number of homeopaths though.

        You could start with a introductory course that is free on


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          Seen in the forum that you have started taking calc carb 200 and you are also having underactive thyroid.First of all homoeopathy is a wholistic medicine,you know the meaning wholistic as you are a Reiki Teacher as your profile indicates.
          In Homoeopathy,a Homoeopath takes all symptoms and find out the remedy which can cover all the symptoms in toto,which is said as totality of symptoms.So before choosing some homoeopathic remedy you must be well aquinted with the Homoeopathic theory.But its better to consult a good homoeopath nearby who can monitor the developments regularly.
          Hope You will get more interest to study Homoeoapthy.
          Wish you Good health
          Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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            Dear Reikigal
            To take any homeopathic remedie with no knowledge of homeopathic principles is not going to help you one bit,shortcuts really dont work.

            Cal Carb constitution is more complicated than you might be abel to see off hand. To study cal carb one must read many materia medica's not only self analize and 'think' you might be this or that remedy is more difficult than you think. A trained homeopath can look at you without predudice,as you cannot.

            National Center for Homeopathy Directory listing for your area (florida has 8 pages listed,that is hundreds of homeopaths) I can recommend you one personally in florida In vero beach if you like.

            All the best
            Gina Tyler
            "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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              who is in vero beach please let me know


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                hello again
                link to the website i posted for you
                then go to directory
                then type; florida,vero beach......his name is Danny Quaranto
                I have know him for 10yrs.
                Good luck
                Gina Tyler
                "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein