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Do I Have Carpal Tunnel, Ulnar Nerve Compression, or Unknown Neuropathy?

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  • Do I Have Carpal Tunnel, Ulnar Nerve Compression, or Unknown Neuropathy?

    Some 5 mos. ago I developed numbness and tingling in both hands (all fingers with increasing intensity as you go towards the pinky) and both feet (all toes with increasing intensity as you go towards the smallest toe). There is no pain whatsoever, only a feeling of tightness that accompanies the numbness and tingling. I had been diagnosed through my nerve test that it had symptoms of carpal tunnel. I went ahead and had my CTS surgery for my right hand. The doctor also wants to do it for my left hand, but I'm not so sure now. It's been 4 days so far after the surgery and the numbness/ tingling are still there. I don't want to further jeopardize myself for something that is a misdiagnosis and have my left hand subjected to surgery. I really don't know what to do ... and my feet is not tarsal tunnel either according to my orthopaedic doctor. Please help me. I am a father of 2 babies and I just need to get back to work by July 3 (my Medical Leave deadline)or I'll be out of a job

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    How is your bowel functioning? Often times people who are having problems with sluggish bowel (or constipation) will experience these kinds of symptoms because of pressure along the spine (on the nerves).

    If you are experiencing bowel sluggishnes - then look into changes of diet and consider doing a colon cleanse (or a few ....whatever you need). There is a lot of information on the web about this...just google 'bowel cleanse' and loads of info will come up.

    Just something to consider. Hope this helps.
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      My bowel movement is just fine. No problems in that area. I have also been tested negative for diabetes. And my thyroid and liver are good. I am at my rope's end here with traditional medicine. That's why I thought that homeopathy might have some answers.


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        carpal tunnel

        In some cases it is seen that the patients with a history of hereditary Rheumatoid arthritis also develop carpal tunnel and Tarsal tunnel( Anatomy similar to that of the wrist and hand exists in the ankle and foot. Tarsal is a word from Latin which means ankle. When the sensory nerve that passes through the tarsal tunnel is irritated by pressure in the tunnel, numbness and tingling of the foot and toes can be felt. This condition is referred to as "tarsal tunnel syndrome." Tarsal tunnel syndrome is analogous to, but far less common than carpal tunnel syndrome. It is treated similarly.)

        To get relief one should perform stretching exercises, take frequent rest breaks, wear splints to keep wrists straight, and use correct posture and wrist position. Wearing fingerless gloves can help keep hands warm and flexible. Changing patterns of hand use to avoid aggravating positions and activities may be helpful.

        As in Homeopathy the patient is treated(taking all symptoms and selecting the proper remedy)not only from the name of the disease,its better in your part to consult a good homeopath near to your place who can study your case history and provide you proper remedy and I hope you will get relief and can resume your work.

        Wish you recover soon.

        Here are some links about it:
        Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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          doesn't sound like CTS

          I beleive that tingling sensations in the hands AND the feet may be an indication of a b12 deficiency.

          Carpal tunnel is mainly the hands, wrists and sometimes a tennis elbow or forearm problem; but carpal tunnel has nothing to do with the feet. Carpal tunnel should be treated first with vitamin b6 before surgery is even considered. Most cases of CTS are about a b6 deficiency.

          Usually people with a real b6 deficiency will have a problem with dream recall. Do you ever remember your dreams when you wake up?


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            There usually is a numbness or tingling in the hands. A person could experience burning, sharp pains in the forearm, the hand could feel very weak with trouble holding objects.

            Here is a good video about the symptoms and how to treat this problem!