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Homeopathic remedy for child, can anyone help?

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  • Homeopathic remedy for child, can anyone help?

    Hello, I'm new here. Can anyone help me? I'm not sure if I'm on the right section on this website. I'm trying to find some alternative/homeopathic remedy for my 4 year old. Is there anyone who could offer some advice? She has had a constant runny nose for nearly 6 weeks, and she often coughs in her sleep at night, it sounds very loose and phlegmy. Doctor says there's no infection, and it's not an allergy, but it won't go away. She also has dark circles under her eyes. BUT she eats/drinks normally and full of life, so not acting ill. but I still worry just a bit, and it would be more comfortable for her I'm sure if she didn't have the cough and runny nose all the time.

    Can anyone offer any advice? Many thanks!

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    My son had a similar problem when he was two. In fact he coughed for more than 6 months and his pediatrician said that he just didn't know how to cough mucus out. Then we changed the ped and the new one paid more attention to our problem and prescribed him some pills against pimworms (threadworms). Despite my serious doubt that his coughing would be connected with pinworms I was pleasantly surprised when it really worked, especially because he had showed no signs of having pinworms before. Coincidence? I don't know.
    BTW, we had to follow the procedure strictly and repeat the treatment twice, although I don't remember it exactly. I don't know


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      Dear mrshilly,
      In homoeopathy there are many remedies for this type of ailment and your daughter can get relief by that.Its always better to consult a learned Homeopath nearby so that s/he can monitor the development and prescribe remedies.Please see whether she is taking adequate water and not having constipation.
      Hope she gets well soon.
      Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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        I think yes i completely agree with you.
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