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Bad cold in 4 years old

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  • Bad cold in 4 years old

    My 4.5 years old has had a congestion for like a week now.
    All symptoms are mostly gone now he is left with a congested nose (he doesn't know how to blow) but I can't reach it with the suction pump as the mucus is all the way up his nose making him talk funny/nasal.
    He sniffles all day long.
    Sneezes occasionally and coughs occasionally to clear his throat.
    I am currently giving him nux vomica ...gave 2 doses so far ... don't see major improvement yet.

    He doesn't sleep well and snores at night and breath from mouth as nose is clogged.
    He acts ok although can't breath freely.
    I need something to open his sinuses.
    His right nostril is red and inflamed.
    I tried other remedies in the kast few days with no success (kali bich and others.... but only 1 dose of each).

    Can someone help please?

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    constant cold may be due to adenoids. In that case there will be snoring, mouth always in open condition due to nose block, continuous cold also
    lack of concentration, face appearance change also occur
    prolonged homoeopathic internal medicines will cure this condition
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