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  • Any ideas on this?

    My 11 year old son worries daily that he is going to have bad dreams at night. Frankly he rarely has a bad dream but the anxiety of his worrying about it is truly getting to me. He still fears sleeping alone. I did take him to a homeopath recently for this but I haven't had much luck with this fellow. My son has for the most part been under homeopath's care since birth. His suggestion was lachesis for not wanting to let go. My son doesn't like to throw things away. He's a packrat. He worries about death..something happening to him or me and he's afraid of monsters etc. He's also taken to doing these little rituals that drive me nuts. The door at the bottom of the stairs HAS to be shut at all times. All times. And then he does this little bouncing back and forth thing. Touch the door, touch the couch...touch touch touch touch. So many times. Almost like obsessive compulsive behavior. I've tried arsenicum..didn't work. I realize that some of this is just normal childhood stuff but this daily worrying to me is excessive. It's been going on since about September. Anybody here ever dealt with this or something similar?

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    Hi Dessie, we has a little boy who did well on Baryta Sulph with something like this.
    BUt that was based on his whole history.
    MAybe you could consider a salt of Ars Alb - NAt Ars or Cuprum Ars ...


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      RU, Mind; compulsive disorders: (see fastidious, anh[1], arg-n[1], ars[3], astra-e[1], calc[1], carc[1], caust[1], coli[1], con[1], cupr[1], cupr-acet[1], foll[1], gink[1], harp[1], iod[1], kali-c[1], lith-c[1], lyss[1], manc[1], merc[1], nat-m[1], nux-v[4], parat[1], pin-s[1], plut-n[1], rat[1], rhus-t[1], sulph[1], syph[1], tub[1]

      I have also used EFT (see for this problem with a lot of success. As Leela says the remedy has to be based on a full case taking.
      RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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        Some question to help you

        Hi, dessie:

        Firts at all: When was the last time he’s received medicine? Do you have a historical record of medicines and doses?


        Is the child anxious or afraid? What for?

        At what time does he afraid: night only, daytime too? What else he is afraid from?

        What happened on Sept. which cause that abnormality?

        Is there any illness or inconvenience that he is bother about?

        Is there a Climatic condition that aggravates any complaint?

        You are worry of his conduct. But what is behind it? What is he suffering about? Homeopathy will help always, but only if the correct medicine is given at correct time. Then you and your family will be health and happy.


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          what you have is an insecure child - why is he insecure - do his parents cause this or his social scene - remedies can be useless in this situation - but those that give confidence a boost will help - such are arg-nit ,silica etc


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            Hi Dessie
            I’ve just seen your post and to me this sounds very much like a Causticum case.. Causticum has the compulsive behaviour and – as Hering says “Full of timorous fancies, evenings; child fears to go to bed alone.”

            Mind; FEAR; general; happen; something will; family, to, or to him (9)
            Mind; COMPULSIVE disorders (26)
            Mind; FEAR; general; bed; of the; alone, when (4)
            Mind; FEAR; general; bed; going to, on (3)
            Mind; FEAR; general; bed; of the; alone, when; children, in (1)

            I assume you have homeopathic knowledge, since you gave Arsenicum (then next nearest bet). I would use a fairly high potency here to match the intensity of the emotional distress.


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              There is one rubric in Synthesis that fits this case

              MIND - CHECKING - twice or more; must check: arg-nit, ars, brom, caust, iod, nat-sil, podo, symp

              You are likely to find this right remedy in this list amd caust should be studied further


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                Sorry I haven't been back here...

                Wow. Thanks to all who replied. Sorry I haven't been back here. A lot going on.
                Well my son had the usual worries of monsters before but in September my husband was laid off from his job and things have been difficult for us. We have tried not to let our emotions affect our son but that's not always an easy thing to do. My husband is gone two weeks at a time now doing over the road trucking and he is still looking for work in his field which means we could make a major move. My son is aware of this and it's been hard on us all b/c we don't really want to move. So there's a lot going on. None of us are doing too well emotionally. If you notice on the pet forum our one dog isn't doing too great either. I just came down a month ago with "bronchitis" per a local traditional doctor but honestly I'm thinking it's whooping cough. My son has it too. Never had a thing like this before. And I've heard whooping cough is going around in the northern Chicago suburbs and we do travel up there from time to time. Anyways it's the stress of it all I'm sure. We are just more suspectible now.

                Back to my son he's a worrier. He's both anxious and afraid at times. More afraid at night. Won't go upstairs at all night or day without taking our big dog. However I should point out that we live in an old restored house that had been vacant for 18 years and the rumor was among the kids at one time it was haunted and unfortunately this spine chilling news was passed on to my son by the local kids. I'm sure this hasn't helped. I can confidently say though there are no ghosts here. (smile) We have lived here 7 years but I will say he loves it here it's a mixed bag of feelings. I'm sure he just wishes he never heard it was haunted b/c he doesn't want to move either.

                I don't have a historical record...just a pretty good idea of what he's taken. I've been giving some low doses to him right now to treat his acute symptoms for this respiratory thing we have. The constitutional he was given was about two months ago. The lachesis.

                I don't like giving high doses on my own. (although I have done it )

                Hi Dr. Leela. How are you? How's the baby?

                Well I'm going to consider these posts and would appreciate any more ideas. Again sorry not to reply for so long. I just got lost in being sick, trying to find a job and taking care of my sick my son's problems have had to wait.

                I got to say the reason I think we have whooping cough is b/c we have these horrible gagging coughs and this morning my son even ended up vomiting up mucus. He's better but I've had this thing now for over a month. Both our coughs are better we seem to sleep almost entirely through the night but both of us when we start coughing have to sit up in bed. It's like once we start coughing there's not a spasm almost. I used carbo veg for myself and ipec seems to be helping my son. Anyways just in case you were wondering why I thought whooping cough. I found this site with the sound of a child with the cough and it sounds exactly like my son. I mean I hope that's not what it is but I've heard this is not easy to diagnose. Is that true?


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                  Hi Dessie,
                  Sorry to hear things have been tough - it sems like so many people are going through tough times in the US!
                  My baby's 1.5 years now and the sweetest thing ever!

                  I'd give Calc Ars thought - but I'd always like to have a complete history to base a prescription.
                  All the best to you,