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    My daughter is 6 months old, and generally very happy, but when she goes through her teething bouts, she becomes difficult. I have been using Hylands teething gel on her, and it works sometimes, but now that I've learned a little more, I'm hesitant to continue using a combination remedy.
    She has thick, crusty cradle cap, which doesn't seem to want to go away, she's generally very warm (temperature-wise), and is a bit on the small side for her age. She is a talkative, very sociable baby, and everyone comments that she seems older than she is. She is exclusively breastfed and not vaxxed, and was born at home with no drug interventions.
    She has been teething since she was 2.5 months old, but does not have any teeth yet. When she is teething, she becomes fussy and tense, and has green diarrhea. She does not like cold teething rings, but loves to chew on dry cloths, blankets, etc. She has excess saliva, but does not drool excessively. She does not get a fever, and her face does not appear red. She does, however, get a stuffy nose. She is generally worse in the evenings.
    I have chamomilla, but I don't believe it is the right remedy for her.

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    There is a product called Bioplasgen-21 made by Wilmar Schwabe of Germany being successfully used for aleviating almost all of the problems associated with teething in infants. Its a combination remedy of Cal Phos 3x & Ferr Phos 3x.

    From my personal experience and a couple of friends too, I say it works quite well.

    Combination remedies are not the best thing homeopathically speaking but they can be a real helper, as in this case. You will find varying opinion about combination remedies, but the truth is that they almost always work and provide releif for self-limiting problems.

    The added advantage of this combo is that you get the iron also which is deficient in mother's milk which the obstetricians recommend to be supplemented with multivitamins.

    Prayers for excellent health & best of luck in the life ahead for the young baby.
    Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.


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      Try the Chamomilla, as it might help. It does have the green diarrhoea, although she does not fit the classic chamomilla teething picture.

      The other remedy that might be worth trying is also Pulsatilla.

      Good luck


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        my son has terrible pain with teething and we hve used aconite 30 with great success recently.


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          i think Bioplasgen 21 2 tab dissolved in a teaspoonfull of water 4 hourly and chammomila 30 two drops thrice
          the above is a good help in the situation and things will come to order with in days
          pls stop treatment when the symptoms are cured


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            Originally posted by fitness first
            The added advantage of this combo is that you get the iron also which is deficient in mother's milk which the obstetricians recommend to be supplemented with multivitamins.
            Just wanted to point out that this is absolutely NOT true. The iron in breastmilk is completely bioavailable, and is sufficient for an exclusively breastfed baby. It is the introduction of processed solid foods which impedes the absorption of iron (a bit of an oversimplification).
            Breastmilk is a COMPLETE living food, which changes in composition based on the specific baby's needs over time. It may not have high quantities of certain vitamins and minerals, but what is there is highly bioavailable! No obstetrician with half a brain should ever recommend a vitamin for a breastfed baby, especially as the introduction of other things changes the intestinal flora, thus disrupting constitution. Please do some research on this subject if you are in a position to influence new mothers.

            Thank you for your well-wishes and recommendation. I'll see if I can find it here.

            To everyone,
            What about calcarea carbonica? Her symptoms seem right-sided, and she has a sour-smelling sweaty head. The teething process has also been really slow (3.5 months and still nothing). However, she's not slow-developing, and doesn't have a big head and belly (as Calc-c. babies are described in The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro). Does it matter if all her symptoms don't match?
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              Let me try to find the references from where I had read what I have posted above. In the meanwhile, I'd appreciate if you can share your reference for the Iron & not recommending the multi vitamins for the breast-fed-only infant.
              Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.


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                Yes, I actually had thought of Cal Carb as a possible remedy. It may turn out that either this or Pulsatilla could be the constitutional remedy.


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                  I often find that when a cough is associated with the teething then Calc Carb is better than Cham. I do believe that it is Cham. that you need for your child. Just try one dose when she is tetchy and see how it goes. Remember that this is an acute problem and therefore you don't necessarily need to consider the constitution picture.
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                    I have located my reference for the iron supplement quoted above. Its from the book "what to expect the first year", page 256. In the said book someone has asked about his child being tested for anemia as a standard and there is a detailed reply. What the author quotes about supplements is what I have seen pediatricians practicing here in Saudi Arabia.

                    This book is the sequel to the international best seller "what to expdect when you are expecting".

                    Now please provide reference to your statement.
                    Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.


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                      Any solid foods will decrease iron absorption from breastmilk”


                      "Iron absorption from human milk is more efficient than that of formula. Absorption from human milk is 49 percent of available iron, whereas iron in fortified formula only has four percent absorbed."


                      “The iron in breastmilk is very well utilized by the baby (about 50% is absorbed), while being unavailable to bacteria, and the breastfed full term baby does not need any additional iron before about 6 months of age”


                      “it seems that iron deficiency is unlikely in full-term, breastfed infants during the first 6 months of life because these infants' body iron stores are sufficient to meet requirements”


                      I don't have the book to which you refer, as I was pretty disgusted by the trust-your-doctor-completely-no-matter-what mentality of the first book, but these are a few resources I dug up quickly. As I stated, my initial statement was an oversimplification, and I shouldn't have said never, as there are certain individual cases where babies might need iron in addition to breastmilk (it seems to be indicated for premature babies, although I would not be surprised if future research indicates mothers of premature babies have more iron available).
                      I'm also sorry I jumped to the defensive, but in my experience it's statements like those that drive mothers to formula feed (which of course is vastly inferior and leads to all types of problems) because they think it's "better" and "easier" (although I don't doubt your motives, I'm sure you know all about the benefits )
                      Also, I noticed you're an engineer, as is my husband, so I thought you might appreciate the analogy he came up with about combination remedies (hope I get this right ). He says it's like welding with a premixed combination of gases - it gets the job done and can do a wider variety of jobs than a single gas, but doesn't work as well as a single gas in certain welds. Whew - I hope I got that right, I know nothing about welding



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                        Well, I tried the Chamomilla a couple nights ago, and it definitely didn't help. Last night I tried the Hyland's gel and it did help a little . . . it contains Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate) 12X, HPUS; Chamomilla (Chamomile) 6X, HPUS; Coffea Cruda (Coffee) 6X, HPUS; and Belladonna 6X, HPUS (Alkaloids 0.0000003%)
                        I won't get to purchase any remedies until tomorrow - I think I'm going to try my hand at repertorising the case - I'll let you all know how things go.


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                          I'd expect the Calc Phos must have helped. Your first post indicated Calc Phos.
                          So take a look at that remedy when you (first) detail the characteristics.


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                            Yes, I came up with Calc. Phos. - and got some, and it seems to be working. I gave her 3 doses yesterday and one today - will give her another if she has more diarrhea (her mood has improved), otherwise I won't (until next time, if indicated)
                            Thank you all for your help!
                            Just out of curiosity, for those of you who've been through teething either with your own children or patients, does the remedy tend to stay the same for each teething bout (with the same child)?


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                              When Calc Phos is indicated, it generally covers more than just the teething episode - it deals with general growth as well - almost constitutional.
                              BUt each episode needs to be dealt with dependant on its characterisitcs. The other remedies that come up in relationship when Calc Phos helps are Cham, Podo, Bell, Phos, Calc Carb.