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    Mandy, your name reminds me of a wonderful friend and I have found that names & personalities go hand in hand, so I am assuming you would also be as wonderful

    You hit the nail on the head with the welding example, simply superb. Thats the case with combo remedies. You sure you are not the engineer

    Your research is pretty deep regarding Iron. What I omitted in writing was that infants have high reserves of Iron when born, but afterwards they diminish and its then that you need supplementation with other sources. There is nothing that can beat breast milk. Period. But its after 6 months or so of age that supplementation is required, be it iron rich foods or supplements.

    Iron deficient babies can be real hard to handle and tolerate.

    The book I referred to is an excellent resource. You can get it cheap from ebay from $3-4 and won't regret it.

    Regarding teething, my daughter (now 15 months) has been doing excellent on Cal Phos since she started teething at 3 months. The potency though has increased steadily from 3x to now 200. You can see for yourself that the lower potencies are not holding and require frequent repetitions and the next higher potency again starts doing wonders. For her canines (recently) 30c was not holding and doing it. Then 200 worked wonderfully well.

    I make the pillules of required potency. A drop of the remedy soaks 5-10 pillules. When required I give 2-3 pillules.

    As our dear doctor Leela writes : hope this helps

    Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.


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      Fitness First
      Okay, so we were basically saying the same thing about the breastfeeding
      Thank you for the info about the pillules - I can get liquid remedy most readily, so that will make things easier for travelling.
      And no, haha, I'm not an engineer - I did take a year and a half of engineering at university, but couldn't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. So I became a biologist instead. Of course, I'm now thinking about becoming a homeopath or naturopath (although I won't be able to begin formal studies for probably about 10 years, because we want to have more children, and I want to be at home when they're young).

      I still had to give her some Calc. Phos. last night, but haven't had to give her any today yet. She's been pretty weepy overall since giving her the first dose, and I'm pretty sure from her reaction that Calc. Phos. is her constitutional remedy - on one hand I'm excited to have found it, but on the other hand, it's been a little difficult because other than her first night (before I figured out how tightly I should swaddle her) she's probably only cried about 1.5 hours TOTAL (if that) since she was born. So I'm not used to a teary baby. She seems to be back to her usual self today though, so hopefully we're through the rough patch



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        Excellent choice for you being home when kids are young, can't commend you enough for that. See I can recognize people I hate to see infants & babies left for day care while their moms are working 9-5. I am sure there must be good reasons for people doing this but if given a choice, this probably is the least of preferred options.

        The canines & rear most teeth (I think they are called molars), they are real tough for the kids so keep your remedies handy.

        My daughter stops eating & resists bottle milk altogether when her teeth hurt. All she wants then is breast milk. That is the time for her remedy dose. 10 minutes after that she is willing to eat & drink milk too.

        Btw, the remedies helped me tremendously after the vaccination of my baby girl. So you might want to do some homework regarding this area.

        Good luck.
        Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.


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          My baby is experiencing that too right now.. what to do?


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            Try Chamomilla teething powders available in health food shops as a first line of attack. If that doesn't work see a local registered homeopath