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    Can anyone advise me?
    My six month old son is going into hospital next week for an operation on his head (2 of the bones in his skull have fused too early). I would like to give him arnica before and after the operation, but am not sure how best to do it.

    He is still exclusively breast fed, so I was thinking of taking it myself so that he gets it through my milk. Is this a good idea? If so, what potency should I take, how often and how far in advance of the surgery?

    If I give it to him directly, is it best to dissolve the tablets, or crush them up? Again, I'm not sure what potency to use, how frequently to give it to him and how far in advance of the operation to start.

    Any advice would be very gratefully received.

    Kate Hendry

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    hi Kate,
    A dose of arnica 200, just a pill crushed into his mouth 6 hours before surgery should be quite enough.

    Post operative, if he seems uncomfortbale or crying too much or there is still bleeding, then you can use a dose of Arnica 30C (this time). they often get sensitive t remedies post op especially with so much of allopahtic medicine going on at the same time.

    HOpe this helps. All the best,
    dr. leela