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  • belladonna for children

    A friend recently recommended teething tablets for my 4 month old son. My problem is that they have belladonna in them. Everything I have ever heard about belladonna says that it is extremely dangerous especially for children. Am I right to be concerned, or am I being overly cautious? kcday

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    What do you mean by teething tablets. Does the Belladonna have 6x next to it?
    RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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      This productis made by "Hyland's". They are supposed to relieve the pain of cutting teeth. They are super-soft little pills that dissolve almost instantly. The belladonna has a 3X next to it, and it recommends giving 2 tablets under the tounge 4-6 times a day. kcday


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        I think i should also add that he eats between 48-54 ounces of formula in a 24 hour period, and has only 1 small fairly firm stool in the same period of time. Is this normal for a child his age?


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          I just wanted to give you more information on the Hylands Teething Tablets. The contents are Cal Phos3x, chamomilla 3x, coffea 3x, belladonna 3x. Hylands is owned by Standard who is one of the largest manufacturers of Homeopathic medicine in the U.S.
          Hylands has been around since 1903 per their web site

          I have used the teething tablets on my own kids, when I was new to Homeopathy and couldn't figure out which exact remedy to give. I now use single remedies, but my husband likes having the teething tablets to use since he doesn't know anything about homeopathy (and frankly doesn't want to take the time to learn). They work pretty well for the "general population", and this is marketed towards the allopathic consumer who are looking for a natural remedy.

          I think you missed her point that she was asking. She asked whether Belladonna was poisonous to use. What is the answer? Is Belladonna in this potency poisonous to a baby? The directions read 2-3 tablets under the tongue, 4 times daily. I have never used that many or that often. Most is 2 tablets as needed, and that is because my baby tends to spit them out before they can disolve.

          Also GM, you have to remember that it may be Chamomilla this time, and belladonna next time the baby is teething. I have tried to treat the teething incident individually as the symptoms arise, but obviously that has only come with experience. What would you recommend to someone who doesn't know about Homeopathy, let alone trying to figure out which remedy to use. Remember, GM, as much as we would like, you don't live next door for us to call you .


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            In x3 it is, and i do not recomend it, its not homeopatic, this, is a typical fake product, they do also antidote eachoter, and do creat effects that you cant controll.
            the stool, gives one remedy, calc phos, use one dose 200, once only, no more.
            Homeopaty, is to give one single remedy, based on present symptomes, not to use a shotgun..and blast away the sourrondings too..
            Combination remedys is not homeopatic, and in 3x many is poisonus.
            Totally forbudden in homeopathy.
            If Hylasnd is from 1903, wel, that fits with the misuse of homeopathy and destroying of homeopathy done in US by the docs at that time, cause of their wanting to get rid of remedies,that did not bring in fortunes to the medical companies, owned By Rockefeller.
            This fake, is a attempt, to do the same job, discredit homeopathy, and at the same time, rob people for money..


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              Would not use it, its not a homeopatic product, its a fake.
              If theeting problems, look at the symptomes she shows, if a reed cheeck, only on one side, us chamomilla, esp if sour pers, and clingyness,angry, and cant be calmed witouth carrying, one dose cham 200, the stools is also souer, and may be greenish in colour,if that dont help, its needed with a homeopath,to take the case properly.

              Homeopat MNNH Geir Marcussen.


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                Thankyou for such quick responses. He doesn't seem to be overly clingy, or angry. He does cry frequently and chews an all his toys madly. And he drools constantly. He doesn't have any redness one-sided or otherwise. He does have a greenish stool that is sour, I attribute that to his formula. I breastfed him up to a month ago, then had to switch him to formula. He still doesn't sleep through the night. Is there any homeopathic pain relief for teething infants? Thank you.


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                  Thank you all for the helpful information. GM you seem to be confirming my concerns. I'm going to try to locate a homeopath in my area for further consultations. Thanks again.