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ADHD and Homeopathy

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  • ADHD and Homeopathy

    A friend has suggested my husband and I trial homeopathy for my 6 year son who has been recently diagnosed as having ADHD (combined type). I am new to homeopathy and so I am unsure in which direction I should head.

    My son's Paediatrician has suggested a 6 week trial of dexamphetamine. With no long term studies available on the use of "dex" I am hesitant to follow the Dr's advice.

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    yes you can if

    You can contine the the homeopathic treatmet if the doctor is an exparience one and practiceing classical homeoapthy otherwise not


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      Amanda, listen to your instinct on this.

      Do as much research as you can possibly manage. ADD and ADHD are not diseases - there are lots of theories floating about regarding these kinds of 'diagnosis'! There is a lot of information available - if you do a google search...

      If it were my child, I would absolutly NOT let a doctor put him/her on any kind of drug for their behaviour.

      Where is Camden? Do you have access to a homeopath?

      Personally, I think homeopathy is the best way to go where you have a very active child. I agree with Dhiman Roy - if you decide to use homeopathy - make sure you have an experienced homeopath who practises classical homeopathy (not multiple remedy at a time)...

      If you have anymore questions - please feel free to ask. Best wishes and best of luck!
      "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
      Carroll Dunham


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        If you are looking for an alternative to dexamphetamine and you are not looking for a "quick fix" then Homeopathy can help you and your child.
        You will need to find a classical homeopath who will prescribe one dose and advise you to wait to see how that progresses. If you switch remedies too soon then you may not get the full benefit of the first remedy prescribed.
        There are drug free exercise based programs that may be of help to remediate your child and if you are in the UK then I suggest that you do a search to find out more about these. These also take some time and committment before remediation is experienced.
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          hi amanda,

          we went thru a similar experience with my son. we did try the stimulant meds for three long weeks. needless to say, they only added to the problem.

          we have been using homeopathy since last april with amazing success. my son is doing well in school, happy and no longer "hyperactive". we still have a few hurdles to get over, but all in all he's doing great.

          it's a really tough decision to make, especially when there seems to not be many alternatives. in fact there are alternatives out there. as lisa anan suggested, research as much as possible. i would suggest the books, "ritalin-free kids" and another book on food and other allergies, "is this your child" by dr. doris rapp. they helped me to understand that adhd can be caused by many different things, can actually be something else altogether and that there many different treatments available.

          as already suggested, try to find a classical homeopath to work with. it has made a huge difference in my son's life.

          good luck to you,


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            I have had excellent experience working with ADHD kids. By all means find a homeopath. Also, please read 'Ritalin Free kids' by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman.
            Shirley Reischman


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              thanks shirley for supplying the author's names, i always get them confused!!



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                With much thanks to all who have replied. We are at our wits end with my son and appreciate all of your wisdom. I will get the books you have recommended as soon as I track them down.



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                  i found both books at my local library.



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                    hello amanda
                    yes i also feel the same find a classical trained homeopath in your area....where is that perhaps one of us can send you to a good contact.......

                    gina tyler