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A pill called Remedy?

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  • A pill called Remedy?


    My ex wife has taken my 11 year old daughter to a homeopathic doctor and she has prescribed an over the counter medicine called Remedy. It is a tiny round white pill that she has to keep under her tounge until it dissolves. Can anyone give me any information about this? It is supposibly bought over the counter at health food stores.

    Thank you

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    Hello Liveinaz,

    Strange story this one ! I`d suggest you ask the hom. doctor what kind of remedy this is ! There should be a Latin name of the remedy on the bottle. Also ask him if he is a doctor with only a (very) short training in homeopathy or has actually studied homeopathy to become a proper homeopathic doctor. Remedies are usually given by the practitioner himself ! If he isn`t properly fully qualified, please find yourself another classical homeopath who IS fully qualified !



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      My ex wont tell me much and I dont know the doctors name...she was given this because my ex thinks she has an attitude problem and also craves sugar. She does like sugar, but what 11 year old kid dosent? And attitude adjustments should be part of her parental duties, not given over to drugs, or natural medicine (IMHO)...the doctor only met my daughter once for maybe 45 minutes and the next time she saw the doctor, she was given this stuff. Anyone ever hear of this stuff?



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        reply to liveinaz

        Dear liveinaz
        A 'remedy' is what we in homeopathy call the little'pills'.
        There are over 3,000 different 'remedies' one could possibly use for any problem and this does include emotional and mental imbalances,not only physical.
        Many homeopaths give the patient a custom mixed homeopathic'remedy' following a consultation,some do not and you can get this at a homeopathic pharmacy via recomendation of your homeopath. It is not wise to look and try yourself,in fact its better to sit with a classical trained homeopath to get proper help.
        If you would like more info on homeopathy the basic facts (FAQ) her are some links
        here is a website for layperson; easy to find all sorts of info;
        searchbox type homeopathy
        Hope this helps some

        Gina Tyler