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Having trouble conceiving

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  • Having trouble conceiving

    My name is Humaira and I am 33 years old. i have been married for almost 4 years and have been trying to conceive off and on for the past 2 years or so. I conceived the first time in April 2004, bt had a miscarriage early in the pregnancy (about 8 weeks)
    After that we tried off and on (about 5 months of "actual" trying) but to no avail.
    I got my hormones checked and LH, FSH and progesterone were within range.. but prolactin was high (85)
    The doc said to get it rechecked in a couple of months because it may have been high due to a number of reasons (non fasting sample, breast stimulation, stress etc)
    I am a highstrung emotional person and get stressed out a lot. I get very tender breats in the premenstrual time, which is relieved once menstruation starts. My cycles are regular, but i have dysmenorrhoea for the first 2 days.
    I started charting my Basal body temperature for the last 2 months, and the temperature rise shows that I ovulate around day 14 to 15 of my cycle.
    Is there any help that I can get from homoeopathic remedies?
    Any help would be EXTREMELY highy appreciated.

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    Yes a good homeopathic remedy can help.
    But actually you are a perfectly normal woman who can conceive anytime.
    Just relax and be sure to have sexual intercourse between the 12th to 15th day of every cycle. Make sure to allow the semen to remain internally overnight if necessary.
    Then wait for God to do the rest. He knows when is the best time!


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      Thanks Doc for your advice.
      I just am always so worried about this not happeneing for me and I worry about my biological clock ticking away like anything.
      Well.. fingers crossed!


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        Dear Humaria
        Dr. Leea is right, your body is perfectly able to handle being pregnant,but its also where the mind takes us,if you are not so worried about this process it will happen,your body knows when it is 'friendly' grounds for having a baby. I have seen it often,too much anxiety will cause nothing to happen.
        Being a happy soul,eating healthy,staying away from things that can harm you like external and internal toxins,that means emotional toxins all you can do for now. Gina Tyler


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          Dear Humaira,
          You have mentioned about you but you have not mentioned any thing about him.What about his condition??It seems you r normal,but as per my studies from experience the condition of vaginal smears also play a vital part for conception.Please check for that if your male partner is normal as per clinical report.Try as doctorleela said that may help you.
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            Please don't blame yourself as it could be that there is something wrong with your partner's sperm so do get him checked out as well. Also be relaxed forget about it and it will happen if there is nothing wrong with him!!
            RSHom - Registered Homeopath