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16 week old with reflux and sleep probs.

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  • 16 week old with reflux and sleep probs.

    Sorry for the duplicate here and did not see this forum first!
    I need some help with my 16 week old daughter. She had been sleeping through the night (6-8 hours) until 5 weeks ago when we started her on somme medicine for her reflux (prilosec). Immediately that first night she began waking every 2 hours. We discontinued the medicine after 2 weeks (it was not helping and was likely causing her to have some stomach cramps) but she has continued the night waking.
    She takes a few daytime naps but often wakes after 30 minutes and is very angry that she is awake. I often go in there, give her back her pacifier and pat her back to sleep.
    Her hands are often cold and clammy, feet chilly, stools are dark yellow/brown and very sticky (she is only fed breastmilk). She gets mad when she has to go to sleep and fights it often until she passes out.
    I started chamomilla 30c 2 days ago and last night she slept 8 long should I give it to her? I am afraid to get too excited and discontinue too early!
    I also forgot to mention that she does have some reflux and often wakes with gassy bubbles.
    We are desperate to get some sleep and get her some as well...thank you all ahead of time for your help!

    Since this post she has slept 2 nights for 8 hours, one wake to feed and then back to sleep for 3 hours. She is still waking after a half hour every time I put her down and I have to go in and soothe her back to sleep. Some fussing and crying when put down but easier than it was before the chamomilla. I am giving 30C, three pills 3x/day. When will I know she is stable enough to take off? How many days of sleep? Just want to make sure we don't make things worse! Thank you!!

    2005-10-17Further info....gave same three doses today. Had a fussier day...more reflux symptoms..two long naps but more difficult to put down. Very difficult to get to sleep this evening. A lot of tossing and turning. Wanted pacifier but then turned away and then wanted it back. Think we may have given too long! Please advise. Thank you

    2005-10-17more update...she was up again every two hours last night. New behavior..sucking in bottom lip and grunting. Continued reflux and more back arching. Seems more tired and wants to sleep more but still extremely difficult to put to sleep and then wakes after 40 minutes and needs help to try to go back to sleep. She is due for her vaccines in 2 weeks and I don;t know whether or not to postopne. I am unsure whether her first set caused the sleep to worsen or if it was the prilosec (we did both at same time) She is off the Chamomilla as of this morning. Don;t know how to proceed from
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    For gassy tummy (colic) use a light tea mixure of fennel seed in boiling water cool it down after making the tea then give teaspoons to baby. Also go to
    pleas please do your homework first before having any baby vaccinated,this website has loads of information your doctor will not tell you about the adverse effects of vaccines. I do not recommend it,if your baby already has problems at this early age vaccines will spin her immune system out of controll.
    Gina Tyler