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my child is walking on side of foot

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  • my child is walking on side of foot

    my daughter is 18 mths old and out of nowhere for about two weeks now has been walking on her side of her foot and is curling her toes under. she only seems to do this on hard floors. I took her to the doctors and they did x-rays and found nothing. I am really worries because she is still doing it and she is acting like it bothers her she always wants to be picked up after she has walked on it for awhile. I'm not sure what to do or what it could please if anybody has any thoughts or suggestions on what my next step should be. please let me know.

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    She may have some minor injury or pain on the inside of her foot - like a thorn or minute glass piece .
    MAybe you could ask her if it hurts?
    Just some off the cuff thoughts.
    HOpe this helps,
    dr. leela


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      she can't tell me if it hurts yet. Wouldn't they have seen something in her x-rays if something was in her foot? I'm not sure what to do. she does sleep on her stomach with her feet pulled up underneath of her just like if she was still in my belly.


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        Is she sleeping on her stomach with her feet pulled up underneath since two weeks or from the begining of walking?Is she walking like this wearing shoes also? when walking in hard floor is she curling her both toes?If walking on soft things if she is not curling her toes and walking straight,it shows some pain or uneasyness,so try to check up as dr leela said.Its better to consult a qualified Homeopath nearby who can take the case and advise you.Hope your kid doing well.
        Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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          HI KRisti,
          In addition to the above,

          If you gently press various aras of her foot, and look for her facial response to pain, you would know if there is SOFT tissue injury. This would not be evident in an Xray. OFten there may be some poke with a thorn or glasspiece hat has entered the foot and not there is a granuloma inside that cannot be seen on the outside. this could be hurting her. Its a long shot, but worth checking out.

          Also check of her ankle hurts in different directions. Sometimes this may be some ankle strain after knocking herslef or something.
          Hope this helps,