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    Uses Of Pure Argan Oil For Nail Care

    Argan oil can be safely used for nail care. If you want to get shiny, strong, soft and white glossy nails, you can apply pure argan oil. I mentioned about uses of Arganrain Pure Argan oil for nail care as follows;

    Dry Nails: To treat dry nails, apply argan oil three times a week. Argan Oil will not just treat dry nails, but also make them shiny. If you applly on your palms too, Argan oil will soften the skin.

    Nail Growth: This is another use of Argan oil for nail care. Squeeze equal lemon juice with Argan oil. Apply on the nails as well as cuticles. You may also soak your nails in the mix for 10-15 minutes. Scour with cold water and pat dry. Do this three times a week to increase nail growth easily. Lemon juice contains vitamin C which increases growth of nails naturally.

    Treats Brittle Nails: Nails happen brittle when they dry up. As the nails lack oil and sweat glands, it is very significant to moisturise the nails. Massage with Arganrain Pure Argan oil every night to treat brittle nails inherently. Do this three times a week to treat brittle nails.

    Soft Nails: To get soft nails, liquid gold of Morrocco. Apply on the nails as well as cuticles. Leave for 10 minutes and then scour with cold water. Pat dry with a towel. Do this twice a week to care for nails and do them soft.

    Soft Cuticles: Other benefit of %100 Pure Argan Oil is prevented dry and rough cuticles are turn off! For proper nail care, use liquid gold of Morrocco. Apply it on the cuticles and nails after bath and before going to bed. You can do this every day to care for your nails.