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Nux Vom for Hicups.

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  • Nux Vom for Hicups.

    I am no homoeopath compared to the eminant people on this forum. I do try to repertorise and give a similimum to the best of my ability.

    WE were in a remote part of India and I had just a few homoeopathic medicines with me. A freind of mine came to me saying he had hichups for about 36 hours ( by then). He had tried dirking water, eating sweets and all others. His stomach was aching from the hicups. I did not go great lengths to take the case, as I had only few remedies. I gave him 3 pills of num vom and he was cured before the pills melted completly. It was a great surprise to me.

    I was especially happy when people said, after all homoeopathy is not slow in every case.


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    Thanks for that!
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