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  • Case Histories Wanted

    Please send me any case histories of ... Where pain has been alleviated or cured using homeopathy. Anyone anywhere???

    Wanted for HMD Thesis before the 30 November Please

    Post if you like. Get my address from reply and I will give it. Glennis [UK]

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    When I was 8.5 months pregnant with my 2nd child I came down with cellulitis in my right foot. The pain was unbarable. I was told by my dr. to take antibiotics and stay off the foot. I sat mostly with my foot elivated and hopped around to go to the bathroom and back. I looked like a whale hopping (You get the picture) I called the Homeopath that I had just started my eldest son with just 2 weeks before. Told her the symptoms and gave her a description. She told me to take Arnica 30c every hour for 3 hours. Within 45 minutes of the first dose I was able to bare pressure on the foot. I applied Arnica ointment to the skin in conjunction with the pills. By the second dose I was walking normally and by the third day, there was no trace of the rash or any symptom of cellulitis.


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      This week my son twisted his ankle quite badly. I treated him with Arnica 1M every hour. After 3 treatments he was walking on it without crutches. After the 4th he was back to his usual self and without pain.

      Recently I was helping my husband errect a fence and he hit my finger with the hammer. I came straight into the house and gave myself 1 Hypericum 30c and within 10 minutes the pain had completely gone and I was out helping with the fencing again (making sure to keep my hands well away from the hammer this time). If you can catch the problem quick it works like magic.


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        Please make sure that your son's ankle is not actually broken as Arnica works so well as a pain killer that sometimes it can disguise a broken bone which will be a lot worse for being walked on!!
        RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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          read the bb, and the bbs archieves..its full of the case stories you want.

          Homeopat MNNH Geir Marcussen.