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  • toddler stuck verbally

    Hi, I have a three year old son who was born at 34 weeks gestation. He seems to be stuck verbally at using words for conversation purposes. He also has fear of going into a social situation for the first 30 minutes or so, then he is fine.He neverreally explains why,just no no no or bye bye bye. He is a picky eater and had some phlem problems in his chest at an early age Where he would be in a head banging mood when the lung thing would flare up. I took him to a homeopath and she cleared up the lungs instantly but insisted he had learning disabilities. I as his mom think he is either holding out on speech or is stuck somehow on communicating. Somedays he walks and hums in his own world for a few minutes. He says I'm walking in circles mommy. I know he sounds like autism or add,adhd ...but he really doesn't fit that either. I want to try stramonium.