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    Is there an at-home stool test for parasite? I've had digestive/intestinal problems for past 5 or 6 yrs. Did visit W. Indies about 6 or 7 yrs. ago and remember having intestinal problem with possible worm in stool after trip. After that I experienced diarrea w/mucus and cramping for a while. Dr. put me on Citrucel. Also had respiratory/allergy problems. That Dr. had me on 6 RX for months. An accupuncturist treated me for both above problems over a 2yr period. My stools now are more constipated. Over the past 6 yrs I've become totally lactose intolerant and cannot eat any beans, cabbage, onion etc. without horrible gas and bloating. Oatmeal is OK, nuts are OK, fruits are OK, spicier foods are OK. I've been taking Natren's Healthy Trinity for the past yr, Lactaid and Beano. A Dr. also gave me Creon and I use a digestive combo from GNC after meals.

    I hope someone can steer me in the right direction. The allergy tests (5times in 15yrs) show no allergies but I still suffer sinusitis and occasional infections. A colonoscopy 3yrs ago showed no problems. I exercise at the gym weekly, bike and walk 1-2 miles daily. Drink LOTS of bottled water and cook and eat very healthily. I'm 5'9" and weigh 144lbs. Hair, skin very healthy. No other health issues. I can tell when an allergy/sinusitis attack is coming by an achy lower back and fatigue. Is any of this related???Would a parasite cause these problems? Thanks for any and all help.deb

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    HI Deb,
    You may not get many answers in this forum. Most of it is on the Discussion forum.

    But most routine stool test do a check for most common worms and parasites... esp for Amoeba and Giardia. The latter is a small intestine parasite and is very commonly associated with the symptoms you are experiencing. In conventional medicine, Tinidazole or Metronidazole or even Secnidazole is the drug of choice. THye work only temporarily however.

    In homoeopathy, we tend to take the whole constitution into account and pescribe a similimum which improves your overall immunity and ability to fight the parasite and get it out of the system. As well as improve you digestive function. The treatment takes a few years, but it is well worth it.

    So do give it a try.
    Warm reagrds,

    Warm regards


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      I treated someone who had been infected with Giardia six years prior and still had symptoms. They were:

      Sharp, labor-like pains in lower abdomen, then urging for stool that would drive him out of bed every morning around 5:00am
      Several stools - would start normal and end "in a cloud", with clear mucus
      All symptoms < from "bad cheese" and ice cream

      This condition was completely cured with three doses of Sepia LM1 by olfaction.

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