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experience with the curitive powers of the remedy china

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  • experience with the curitive powers of the remedy china

    Homoeopathy has been a strong influence in my family for years, my grandmother became fascinated with homoeopathy when a great scottish homoeopath, Ephrim Conner, cured her father of adult onset asthma. She passed on her passion for homeopathy to my australian father,who sparked my enthusiasm towards natural remedies from an early age. My sister and I were brought up in a homoeopathic household, we never received immunisation and as toddlers new to reach for arnica if we bumped or bruised ourselves. I think what really made me want to be a homoeopath was the relation to me of the conversations between my father and DR.Conner and one remedy that affected a cure so powerful, that it made me want to learn more about homoeopathy. The remedy was china , hahnemann's first proving. I was 13 years old and I had the flu, I remember being burning hot one minute, so hot that I would throw the bed covers off, then the next minute i was freezing cold , my teeth were chattering, I had a cold clammy sweat all over my body and would call out to be covered up again, I had an unquenchable thirst and was reaching a state of delerium.
    My father was becoming quite worried and was thinking of calling the allopaths in as my symptoms had reached an acute level, then the bells rang in his head and he gave me china 30c. As soon as the medicine hit my tounge I experienced relief, the stronger artificial disease triumphed. Within five minutes my alternate fever/ chill had broken and I was asleep.The next morning I was up out of bed, vital force restored and renewed and returned to school the next day. the cure was so swift so gentle and to my young mind so miraculous, that i was determind to understand just how it had worked. Thats how I started on the road towards becoming a homoeopathic practitioner, I am two to three years off achieving my goal, the light is at the end of the tunnel, and I hope that I can serve homoeopathy well. I would like to hear other peoples experiences with homoeopathic cure, and find out what influences have led others to homoeopathy.
    mhairi lazarus, coffs harbour, australia