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? if anyone has tried Frontier for overactive child

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  • ? if anyone has tried Frontier for overactive child

    I have a son who is dianosed mentally retarted but educadable. I don't expect that any med is gonna change that completely however He is very hyper and seems to understand more than He can communicate> I have just started to give him this stuff called Frontier for overactive child,, suppose to be for slow or difficult comprehension,confusion, and communication problems. the ingredients are bartya carbonica, igantia amara, calcarea carbonica, lycopodium clavatum magnesis carbonica natrium cabonicum natrum mariaticum thuja occidentalis. If anyone has any information on this paticular name or on the ingredients it would be so greatly appreciated. He also suffers from allergys and I have did some research on how allergys can make children misdiagonosed. any information would be greatly appreciatd.

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    I suggest that you might want to put this question up on the General Discussion forum.

    However, most of the homoeopaths on this board claim to be classical, which means they will not delve into complex formulas such as the one you describe. You would best directing your questions to homoeopaths on a "practical" homoeopathy board.

    They may be able to suggest something else instead.

    As far as I am concerned, you would be far better off seeing a homoeopath who prescribes ONE singular remedy at a time, not a combination.
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