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  • allergies

    A friend of my husbands told him about a herbal tea for allergies she uses. So I went and got the herbs and have been drinking it regularly everyday. And it really does help. But I have a question. The mixture is Alfalfa, Nettles, and Eyebright. Mixed together you put one teaspoon in a teaball.
    My question is, would this cause me to not sleep well?? The past few nights I got maybe a total of 4 hours of sleep. Help please.

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    Dear Renoo,
    Alfafa is anti-viral used as a liver remedy and for treatments of urinary related problem. Nettle contains lots of goodness in it, especially iron and calcium and is said to regulate sleep.
    Eye bright, of course, is meant to deal with the eye symptoms -itching, burning etc. I don't know if collectively they disrupt sleep.
    Could it be that there is something else happening that is disturbing your sleep? It is advisable not to take herbs over a long period of time.
    Give them a break every now and then.
    If sleep is a problem try Valerian, and chamomile. They are said to be calming or better still, consult a qualified herbalist if you wish to use herbs.