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    Occasionally we have to know the scope and limitations of medicines. Only for that purpose, the following is submitted weith apologies. I hope those not interested in the topic would excuse me.

    WHEN DOCTORS FAIL and ASTROLOGERS DISAPPOINT YOU, Gems and Precious Stones come to your help. INTRODUCTION

    In our thirty years of medical practice, wherever a patient did not get relief even after six months of careful medical treatment, we recommended wearing of suitable gems and precious stones and following our recommendations, the patients had immense relief by wearing gems/precious stones where medicines, astrologers etc. failed. Wearing of suitable gem/precious stones help every one, not only to get rid of diseases but also simultaneously increase our income and lifestyle by removing difficulties and problems in life.
    For example, persons born on the dates 2, 11, 20 or 29 in any month, are called No. 2 persons (in numerology.) In addition, whose date, month and year of birth, when added together and reduced to single digit comes to 2, are also called No. 2 persons. E.g., let us take a person born on 22 May 1946. 22 + 5 + 1946 = 2+2+5+1+9+4+6 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 + 2. Therefore, this person is called a No.2 person. Also, in numerology, persons born on any date between 21 June and 20 July in any year, are also known as No. 2 persons (period of birth). No. 2 persons are mostly prone to digestive complaints, indigestion, hyperacidity, constipation etc. However best we treat them with medicines there would soon be relapse. However, once they start wearing the precious stone Chinese Jade (cost Rs.380 -- $10) either in silver or gold ring on any finger (or in a locket attached to a chain around their neck) their digestive complaints are greatly relieved.

    Similarly, No. 3 persons quite often get headache. (Persons born on the dates 3, l2, 21 or 30 in any month are called No. 3 persons. So also, the total of whose date, month and year of birth, when added together and reduced to single digit, comes to 3, are also No.3 persons. E.g., Let us now take a person born on l4 December 1957. 14+12+1957 = 1+4+1+2+1+9+5+7 = 30 = 3+0 = 3. Hence this person is called a No. 3 person. In addition, persons born in any year during 20 February to 20 March, or 21 November to 21 December, are also known as No. 3 persons. We have repeatedly verified in our medical practice that in the case of persons with chronic headache, when they are not relieved by medicines however carefully we treat them and upon inquiry if they are found to be No. 3 persons, they ultimately get great relief by wearing the precious stone Amethyst (Rs.950 -- $18)
    By writing the above, we are not at all advocating astrology in favor of medicine or calling astrology superior to other methods of relief. We take the best and the easiest from all the subjects.

    Again, whenever a patient does not get relief even after six months of medical treatment and whatever may be their diseases, we advised them to wear gems and precious stones as per the table on page 6-7 and once they started wearing them in a ring or locket, they got very good relief.

    The mission in the life of the undersigned is 'removal of human suffering' and with this in view, this book is offered to the suffering humanity. We do this out of sheer and pure academic interest; hence this is a no-loss-no-profit work. We do not do this on a commercial basis.

    To lead a happy life free from disease, suffering, worry and poverty, "Mani, Mantra, Oushada'' was the prescription in order of preference, for the alleviation of disease and problems in life. "Mani'' means gems and precious stones. Next in order comes "mantra" meaning chanting of verses from religious scriptures. Lastly comes "oushadha" (medicine.) However, at the present day everything is upside down. Everyone goes to doctor first. If not relieved, a few try religious methods and rarely anyone think of gems and precious stones. [Emerald, Ruby, Gomed, Pearl, Coral, Diamond, Yellow Saphhire, Cat's Eye and Blue Sapphire are known as gems. All others such as Amethyst, Moonstone etc. are called precious stones.

    Mani, mantra, oushada. Medicine is given the last place in order of preference; those seeking relief for their problems in life may first try gems/precious stones. In the second place, in order of preference comes prayer, pooja etc. to propitiate planets or deities and medicine should be the last resort, according to the learned sages of yore. However, alas! At the present day, we find that things are upside down. When sick, people first go to a doctor for medicine and when this does not help, a few people resort to occult methods but none ever think of gems. [In one of the ancient Hindu scriptures, there is one Linga Puranam, which contains a treatise called Saundarya Laharee believed to have been written by Lord Ganapathy. In this treatise, we find that the supreme Goddess is living in a fort known as Chintamani house in an island made of gems. To protect her from evil forces, the fort consists of twenty-five compound walls. The outer walls are made each one by metal and inner walls by gems and precious stones.
    From time immemorial, wearing of gems has been in vogue for therapeutic effects, overcoming difficulties, banishing grief, misery and poverty. A mention of this can be found in the scriptures of all religions. Many people think that gems have ornamental value only. This is a misconception. If it is for ornamental value alone, one can as well wear artifical gems, which are the cheapest and beautiful to look at. However, the greatest benefit ever given by the Almighty to humanity is the invisible and marvelous effects of gems/precious stones. One can acquire the effects by simply wearing them. Gems/precious stones as available in nature and dug out from earth may not be more glistening and glamorous than synthetic ones; but the effects can be obtained only by wearing natural gems/precious stones.


    Persons born between March 21 and April 19 (in any year) must wear a mala (chain) made of beads of Garnet to which a locket containing Ruby and Bloodstone is to be attached. This chain (beads of Garnet) and Ruby and Blood Stone in a locket costs Rs.6500 -- $130)

    All gems and precious stones are of two types. One has purely commercial value. The other type is for getting relief in diseases and overcoming problems in life including poverty etc. We sell the latter type. Again, all gems have different methods of purification or cleansing. We do that and only then supply to our clients.

    Persons born between April 20 and May 20, may wear a mala (chain) consisting of beads of Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli and a locket containing Emerald (Rs.4600 -- $92)

    May 21 - June 21: Cornelian, Blue Sapphire and Diamond (Rs. 9600--$200)

    June 22 to July 22: Chain (mala) of Crystal beads with a locket containing Pearl, Diamond, Opal and Moonstone. (Rs.9600 -- $200)

    July 23 - August 22: Ruby + Yellow Sapphire (Rs. 6800 --$137)

    August 23 - September 22: Emerald, Diamond and Pearl (Rs.8700 -- $174)

    September 23 - October 23: Opal and Pearl (Rs.2500 -- $50)

    October 24 - November 20: Chain (mala) consisting of beads of Turquoise and Red Coral with Ruby in a locket (Rs.6800 -- $137)

    November 21 - December 21: Amethyst and Blue Sapphire (Rs.5000 -- $95)

    December 22 - January 19: Chain containing beads of Pearl with a locket containing Moonstone and Amethyst (Rs.3800 — $77)
    January 20 - February 19: Moonstone, Blue Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire (Rs.6000 — $ 120)

    February 20 - March 20: Agate, Ceylon Blue Sapphire, Amethyst and Emerald (Rs.6500 — $130)

    You must wear gems and precious stones according to your date of birth, as per the above list. After this, you may wear any additional gems described in the next pages.

    You may select the gem according to your requirements and there is no need to consult your horoscope or seek the advice of astrologers, most of who tend to envelop the subject of gems into clouds of mysterious obscurities.

    1. Red Coral & Yellow Sapphire (Rs.4200 -- $86) Hurrah! Businesspersons and self-employed have exclaimed the effects of this gem in great joy. It has invariably increased the volume of their business by more than fifty per cent within 3-6 months.

    2. AGATE (Rs.380 -- $8)

    This is available in many colours. Effect is same. It pleases God; confers health and increases strength, wealth, gains and victory. Brings success in art and music. Helps in making and keeping friends. Agate is necessary for farmers and all those interested in agriculture, horti- and floriculture. Gives very good yield. You can wear one gem and put about five pieces of this gem in a bottle of water and keep it in a closed place away from light, for a week. Then mix this water in a bucketful of water and pour this on the roots to get good yield. You can repeat this every week. Excellent for treatment of insanity. Keep Agate immersed in apple juice for a few hours; this juice may be given to cure insanity. In addition, insane patients may wear Agate.
    [All the gems have no expiry date. That is, they do not lose their effects even by one per cent however long you may use them. They have unlimited and inexhaustible power and potency.] However, Amethyst is an exception, which please see below:

    3. AMETHYST (Rs.750 -- $15)
    [Its colour is violet. After a year or two of wearing, its colour may fade away; if it happens so, you must buy a new one. In respect of all other gems their colours do not fade and their effects do not diminish by using them for any length of time]. Cures addiction to liquors. Useful for night blindness, paralysis, menstrual disorders. In the case of No.3 persons when they have headache, if they keep this gem touching their skin, the pain would start reducing.

    Mrs. Rajeswari was suffering from headache for several years and treatment by allopaths, homeopaths, ayurveds etc. failed to give permanent relief. She started wearing Amethyst. Then she could notice the difference. Prior to this, whenever she went out for shopping or visiting relatives she will return with headache. After she started wearing Amethyst, headache became outdated.

    4. AQUAMARINE (Rs.650 -- $12) Presented by lovers to each other it stabilizes their love. It creates harmony and affection between husband and wife. Cures complaints of mouth. Makes the wearer fresh and confident.

    5. BLUE SAPPHIRE (Neelam) (Rs.3800 -- $78) Your relative has become an addict and even doctors/astrologers are not able to help? Do not worry. If he is made to wear Blue Sapphire and Emerald in a ring, he can be cured. If he cannot be made to wear the ring, keep Blue Sapphire or Emerald immersed in his liquor or drinking water. If he drinks this water, he will get the same effect. Blue Sapphire removes misery and pride. It brings health, wealth, name, fame, stamina and longevity. It chases away evil thoughts by establishing a healthy state of mind. Sadam Hussain and Osama Binladen type persons need Blue Sapphire... Cures nervous and mental disorders, neurosis, neuralgia, sciatica, diseases of the scalp, epilepsy, cerebro-spinal meningitis, cramps, kidney and bladder weakness. Cleans venous blood; is useful in arthritis, rheumatism, gastric ulcers and baldness. Useful in sterility of females. Prevents blindness.

    6. BLOODSTONE (Rs.380 -- $10) Gives us courage. Safeguards us from deception (being cheated by others.) Stops bleeding. Useful in cases of haemophilia (bleeders), profuse menses etc.
    7. CAT'S EYE (Rs.3200 -- $64) Cures skin diseases, acne, cholera, smallpox, croup and colic. Bestows wealth by secret means—horse racing, gambling, lottery tickets. After wearing Cat's Eye, only if a person is destined to earn in gambling/lotteries, he will continue to indulge in it. Suppose a person is going to lose heavily in gambling etc. and if he starts wearing this gem, he will automatically turn away from them. Protects us from government punishment, saves us from secret enemies and drowning as well. This gem gives fresh life to closed business—continued or repeated lockouts and shutdowns, strikes are out of question if the personnel or works manager or the proprietor of the mill/factory wears this gem. Hurrah! This gem is a God-given gift for those suffering from chronic diseases in terminating conditions. Thus, cancer patients have responded wonderfully by wearing this.

    8. CORAL (Available in Red & White Colours) (Red Coral: Rs.2300 -- $46) (White Coral: Rs.680 -- $15) Effects of Red Coral: Protects women from untimely widowhood; also restores broken conjugal relationship. During Sadam Hussain's Iraq war none of the soldiers (whose wives had been wearing Red Coral supplied by us) died in the battle. Coral protects children from evil eyes. It safeguards the teenager during the highly emotional period such as falling in love with a married person or worthless fellow etc. For early marriage of girls Coral may be worn. Gives great relief in diseases of stomach, liver, blind piles, eczema, nervous exhaustion, jaundice, mumps, impotency, measles and contagious diseases. Wherever the word Coral appears in this book it means Red Coral only. [Uses of White Coral: For diabetes, you may wear White Coral and Yellow Sapphire together in a locket or ring. (Rs.2500 -- $50)]

    9. CORNELIAN (Rs.750 -- $15) Clears the voice. Preserves harmony. Stops bleeding. Cures tumors and night fevers.

    10. DIAMOND (Rs.6800 -- $137) Gives bravery and strength. For innocent persons this is very good. It cultivates goodwill, promotes understanding. Stabilizes marriage. Cures diseases connected with thick secretions - pus, mucus, sperm etc. Is good for facial paralysis, pneumonia, bronchitis, delirium, obsessions, insanity, diabetes, syphilis, gonorrhoea, uterus complaints. Note: Those who cannot afford to buy diamond may wear its substitute Turmaline Rs.950-$19 or White Coral.

    11. EMERALD (Rs.2800 -- $59) Gives all-round prosperity and good health. It gives positive force with power of integration. Hence, this must be worn by those who do things in a haphazardous way and thus fail in their attempts. Worn by a woman it helps her to attract true love and if worn by a man he will attract a loving wife. If one lover to another presents Emerald and if the love between them grows cold then the colour of the stone will change from bright to dull. Protects the wearer from so-called 'black-magic.' Gives relief in nervous heart troubles, blood pressure, ulcer, cancer, headache, neuralgia, influenza, syphilis. Diseases of the C.N.S. (Central Nervous System), abdomen, speech, tongue, eyes, lung, bowels, nose.

    12. GARNET (Rs.650 -- $15) Promotes a healthy and cheery disposition. (Useful for those who are always sad and grief stricken.) Ensures constancy in friendship and love. Thus, useful for those who are constantly changing their mistresses. Cures inflammatory diseases. Diseases with the suffix '-itis' are called inflammatory diseases, (i.e., pain, heat with swelling.) E.g., otitis media (inflammation of and pain in middle ear), appendicitis, colitis, sinusitis, cerebrospinal meningitis, arthritis, ovaritis, pancreatitis, splenitis, hepatitis etc.

    13. GOMED (Rs.950 -- $20) Confers health, wealth and all round prosperity. Assists in marital happiness. Helps women during childbirth. Checks and suppresses inimical forces, otherwise called ALLERGY. Protects us from bites of snakes and insects. Hyperacidity, burning sensation, excess heat complaints. Gives good appetite and corrects digestion.

    14. JADE (Foreign) (Rs.380 -- $10) For those suffering from digestive complaints, this is excellent and unfailing. Call it by any name - loss of appetite, indigestion, dyspepsia, not taking food on time, constipation, peptic/gastric/duodenal ulcer, gas trouble, flatulence, eructation, heartburn, and hyperacidity. For those whose digestion is upset by food outside i.e. hotels or wedding parties. Mr. Kamesh's job involved touring for twenty days a month. As restaurant food did not agree with him it was a suffering for him while on tour. Many a time, he had to go to the doctor. After he started wearing Jade, restaurant food was no more a problem for him.

    15. LAPIS LAZULI (Rs.280 $7) Gives us luck in gambling. Very good for skin diseases. Epilepsy.

    16. MOONSTONE (Rs.480 -- $10) This is useful to observe continence i.e. to abstain from carnal pleasure. For those who want to modify their craving or to adopt family planning the natural way. Particularly useful to those going higher in spiritual life. For meditation, spiritual practice etc. indulgence should be kept in moderation. For them, Moonstone is a boon. A person at his thirty-seventh year lost his wife and had no idea to marry for the second time. He wanted to observe continence. He started wearing Moonstone and it helped him. The action of this precious stone is not to cause impotency in males or frigidity in females. It does not destroy or suppress carnal desire but only modifies the desire to the extent needed. A person going on tour feels that the passion should not arise in his mind until he returns home. By wearing moonstone his purpose is served. A husband wanted to meet his wife in bed almost every night but the latter's health did not permit over-indulgence. Wearing Moonstone helped him to control the passion.

    17. OPAL (Rs.l200 -- $25) This is a must for those dealing with spiritualism, E.S.P., Kirlean photography; also for ASTROLOGERS, FORTUNE TELLERS, PALMISTS AND NUMEROLOGISTS, HYPNO-THERAPISTS, YOGA THERAPISTS, & PRANIC HEALING (REI-KI PRACTITIONERS AND MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS OF ALL SYSTEMS and SOCIAL WORKERS who are dealing with the problems of human beings). If not wearing in a ring or locket, they may at least keep in their purse, bag or pocket. This is because Opal is good for memory; it gives sixth sense and will strengthen psychic faculties. Those practising Rei-Ki, transcendental and other meditation, going higher in spiritual practices and spiritualism MUST NECESSARILY WEAR this gem without exception.

    18. PEARL (Rs.950 -- $20) It gives good memory, mental peace. This is necessary for women. It ensures a happy married life to the wearer; for this purpose, Pearl used with Yellow Sapphire and Coral gives wonderful results. When excess heat in the body is required to be counteracted, Pearl can be used with confidence. Cures insomnia, uterus disorder, heart troubles, eye complaints, tuberculosis, constipation, hysteria, pleurisy etc.

    19. PERIDOT (Rs.750 -- $15) Earning much but not left with any savings? Then this gem will help you in saving more money. Brings love between husband and wife. Peridot is good for females; it prevents sagging down of breast; hence no need for plastic surgery after forty-five years of age.

    20. RUBY (Manik) (Rs.4800 -- $95) Confers on its wearer rise in status, makes him bold and courageous. This gem becomes dim to forewarn against any danger or disloyalty by partners. Helps to create and maintain friendship and to banish grief. Removes sadness and controls sensuality. Idiots and imbeciles have very well improved by Ruby. It cures ulcers, rheumatism and all types of heart and bone troubles. Protects us from plague, poison and sad occurrences in life. Prevents nose bleeding and tooth decay. Useful for leprosy. None of our readers had to flee leaving behind their property and home during the 1994 plague epidemic in Surat as they had been constantly wearing Ruby supplied by us.

    21. TURMALINE (Rs.650 -- $12) Gives quick solution to any problem in life. Foretells important events in dreams. Green Turmaline is good for students, mentally retarded children and businesspersons. Pink Turmaline is good for those who feel isolated in life. This gem alone should be worn in silver only.

    22. TURQUOISE (Rs.320 -- $10) Accidents are out of question. Put a piece of Turquoise into the petrol tank of your vehicle. Those who frequently meet with accidents will say that their vehicle is not lucky and sell it away. However, if they start wearing Turquoise, accidents will stop. Protects us from misfortune or danger. Confers longevity and the wearer does not require an accident insurance. This gem is a must for all those involved in risky jobs. Fire fighting force, rescue operations etc. Also motorcycle/car racing, circus etc. Gives ability to memorise mantras. We become immune to poison and accidents. Passengers and pilots on air may note this.

    23. YELLOW SAPPHIRE (Rs.2000 -- $40) This is found in all colours, but mainly yellow and white. Price and effects are same. Protects us from poverty and adversity. Also strengthens security in life. It washes away one's sins. It cures all throat troubles-laryngitis, goitre, sore throat, hoarseness, fevers, cholera, apoplexy, hysteria, palpitation, spasms, vomiting, jaundice, inflamed eyes and bowels, tooth troubles, painful menses, whooping cough, impotency.

    24. CRYSTAL (Rs.450 -- $10) Among crystals there are varieties, shapes and colours. The one supplied by us gives you the following help. Every man strives and works hard to come up in life. For this purpose, he has to associate with many persons in various occupations. Some of them are worthy; others may not. Yourself, being a master (doctor treating patients, heads of institutions/offices teaching others, professionals who work for others) it is necessary that in order to make others follow you, you must first learn how to follow. Then there is no blame in your leading others. Alternatively, as a person following others, you must know how to follow and associate only with persons of worth. In life, either you follow others; or others follow you. In either case, you must not associate with inferior people. Otherwise, it is waste of time, money and energy. Thus, you need a guide or sage in life to guide you in the right path-that of associating with good persons and avoiding worthless men. That is what exactly our crystal does for you. It will simply make you get rid of inferior people and retain/renew/or establishes contact with superior men. ["Following" is the key word to explain the effects of our crystal: You get success in life from receiving guidance from a master and following his advice. Where there is enthusiasm, there is certain to be following. Following tolerates no old prejudices. Thus, our crystal enables you to get rid of old prejudices (it may be a habit or association with men of less worth). The heroes of old tamed the ox and yoked the horse. Thus, heavy loads could be transported and distant regions reached, for the benefit of the world. Thus, the domestication of the ox and the horse is to be explained as a means to labor saving. Thus, crystal helps to shape our personality to obtain positive aspects. You get correct movement and joyousness. Great success and perseverance without blame; thus, you are followed by the whole world. Followers readily join a movement that is associated with joyousness. The explanation of these words gives expression to the fundamental principle that one must first of all be following in the right way, if one would be followed.]

    25. KIDNEY STONE (Rs.750 -- $15) This is from Africa; a marvelous precious stone indeed! For all diseases of kidney including kidney failure (where allopaths resort to dialysis and/or kidney transplant) this gem has given much relief. Method of use: Rub the edge of the kidney stone with a few drops of fresh lime (on a piece of granite rock or stone) for thirty seconds; wipe it with your index finger and take. Repeat this morning and evening for five days only, every time with a few drops of fresh lime. Kidney stone is also available in the form of beads in a mala and the patient may wear this around his neck. Apart from the above, we also supply a wooden stick made in China and this is to be used to give acupressure on the palm of the patient morning and evening for three minutes. While giving acupressure, the person giving the treatment (or the patient if he is treating himself) should think that his kidney complaint is being cured and it will function normally. In addition, he may wear our Kidney stone chain around neck. (Price of chain & wooden stick: Rs.1850) [METHOD: Hold the stick vertically and with the narrow end of its tip press on the centre of the palm of the patient, as hard as you can for three minutes, first on left palm; then repeat this for another three minutes on the right palm. Giving acupressure beyond three minutes will only retard the good effects of the first 3-minute treatment.]


    Mr. Shantilal from Hyderabad writes: "Thank you for your service. I am wearing the mala (chain) and locket sent by you and they have helped in doubling up my business. I am now more active and busy. Income too has increased much. The five business colleagues of mine, to whom I recommended these, have all told me that they are now more prosperous. I would strongly recommend these to all business people and the self-employed."

    Mrs. Shakuntala Devi: "I had been suffering from chronic headache and on many days I had to give up my work and come home for complete rest. I tried various systems and doctors. However, nothing like your Amethyst. Ever since I started wearing it, I have forgotten what headache is. Thank you for your services."

    Dr. Raj Narain writes from Bombay: "Dear doctor, my joy knows no bounds. My wife, (who was condemned to death in a few weeks because of her cancer disease in the third stage) started wearing Emerald so kindly supplied by you. Now it is more than a year and she is living in good health. Thank you!"

    Mr. Satya Paul from Dehradun: "Dear Dr. Kirushnamoorty, I was diagnosed to be having tumour in brain and surgery was decided the following month. In the meantime, I came across your book and started wearing Cornelian bought from you through post. I postponed surgery and two months after wearing the precious stone, C.T. scan showed reduction in the size of my brain tumour. I continue to wear Cornelian." Cases of tumour in ovary, intestine or other places have been cured by wearing Cornelian.
    Be it problems in life (domestic disharmony, personality defects etc.) or want of more wealth, business expansion or promotion in service or starting a side-business, gems can be used with confidence. For curing diseases, gems are far superior to medicines. Moreover, for prosperity in life, gems are better than astrologers.

    Just select one or more gems for your requirements and fix them in silver (or gold or any other metal) ring and wear on any one of your finger (or fix in a locket and wear in a chain around your neck) for a minimum period of eight hours daily. There are no restrictions or taboos about the weight or size of the gem. Red Coral alone is to be used in 7 carats. Genuine gems can be had from us by post. For gold ring or chain or locket, add Rs.2000 — $87=00.] Please indicate your finger size with your order. Dr. Kirushnamoorty, Raman House, 21, Kuppiah Street, West Mambalam, Madras-33. India

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    You have provided many details about gems, stones etc. including cost of the same. In this respect I want to know the followings:-

    1. Are you sure that Stone can be placed at Number one in all types of healing systems? If meditations, yoga etc. comes after the stone prescribing?

    2. How stones are related to homeopathy?

    3. Gem stones may be prescribed as per following systems:-
    (a) Calculation based:- depending upon which system of astrology you choose. I think, differant stones can be prescribed by differant systems to same person at same time eg;Hindu system, Zodiac signs, numerology etc. How can then it will be justified that which is correct & which is not?

    (b) Stones can also be prescribed as per the observations of their effects on human being with out calculations.

    (c) All stones may posess some medical qualities(as you have also mentioned) & their effects in various diseases. So the prescription can also be possibles as per disease.

    Since, you indicates these are like medicines, can you bit explain the most justified way in considerations of above points.

    Best Wishes.
    Homeopathic & Biochemic system existed because Drs.Hahnemann & Schuessler thought differently.
    Successful people don't do different things, they do things differently..Shiv Khera


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      Few homeopaths prescribe remedies on specific days like on full moon light. Was the symptoms produced on full moon light during proving of that remedy


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        If you look at the latest on weak quantum theory it will support both homeopathy and astrology on a logical basis
        As the bodys vitality is the key to all cures and the "cure" of symptoms make the body vitality weaker symptom curing is counter productive to health .
        Homeopathy only supports the vitality of the body and allows it to cure itself !!!
        john bradley


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          In addition to the "weak" quantum physics reported, there is a great deal of quite strong quantum physics theoretical work which also exists that tends to support aspects of homeopathy and other approaches to bioenergetics: by no means is it all "rubbish"!


          • #6
            astrology is definately a field as palmistry but saying that people born on certain dates r destined to have so and so illness is a bit non scientific stones do carry an impact on once persality but that does not mean if y hv angina or calculus y would be relieve by stones wearing
            this is too supersitious and need more submissions or research work to prove attaching Homeopathy to these type of things like stones astrology and palmistry is by no mean justified and this will only harm image of Homeopathy


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              I have studied astrology for over 25 years and have been able to correspond (medical astrology) relationships between medical conditions and astrological aspects (usual what are called "hard" aspects between planets)

              Having astrological aspects that stress specific parts of the body actually allow astrologers and individuals to firtify or strengthen the area affected. A person that has hard saturn aspects will have problems with the skeletal (bones) system and will need more calcium. Chronic conditions sucjh as osteoorosis are more likely in persons with hard saturn aspects.

              This is a complex science and it can be used to successful identify and diffuse medical conditions before they become incappacitating or life threatening.



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                sound good, very knowledgable.
                Dr. Faiz Rasool Faizy<br />Registered Homeopath


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                  Let us be clear about certain points so as to avoid any confusion: Medical Astrology is NOT homeopathy, and if you examine the available literature you will find that no professional medical astrologer claims to be a homeopath. However, medical astrologers frequently use homeopathic potencies in their practices, and believe that astrological insights and the Paracelsic Doctrine of Signatures correlate their astro-medical findings with therapeutic indications for various homeopathically potentized remedies. Medical astrology is NOT homeopathy, nor has it ever claimed to be such; however Medical Astrology may use homeopathic remedies (selected not by symptom or essence similarity but rather by a kind of etiological similarity or by the Paracelsic "Law of Similars of Quality", the ancient "signatura rerum") in its therapeutic armamentarium, along with foods, gems, flower essences, herbs, and other healing "tools". Practitioners of Medical Astrology do not call themselves "homeopaths", they call themselves-Medical Astrologers!


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                    lets not redicule homeopathy may be our indian friends find it in astrological way but that is not workable pls pls pls take it more seriously and deal homeopathy with a sense of responsibility


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                      I agree that medical astrology is not directly related to Homeopathy.

                      I have however identified astrological correlations between cell salts and individual natal charts.

                      This therapy (cell salts) is written by Jansky and is fairly well known to astrologers.

                      Also focal planets in a natal chart correspond to a specific part/organ of the body based on medical astrology.

                      Often there are homeopathic therapies that can help an individual reduce/reverse the stresses and chronic conditions brought on by the planets involved.


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                        Hello Astrologer,

                        All spritual & classical old healing systems( other then current system) can be linked to each other in some form or the other. It can be better if anyone can prescribe after considering all or few of these systems at one time, but it may not be practical- beyond the capacity on one person to effect the same. He may then not justify any system of all those system. So it may be better to concentrate on one subject and justify it fully.
                        Homeopathic & Biochemic system existed because Drs.Hahnemann & Schuessler thought differently.
                        Successful people don't do different things, they do things differently..Shiv Khera


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                          Somebodys got their knicker s twisted - the relationship is with WEAK quantum theory , NOT qquantum theory per se ..


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                            Dr Krishnamurthy,
                            I live in USA.
                            Thank you for sharing such an incredible piece of information. I appreciate it. I have been benefited by the use of ruby and so I know the value of these invaluable gemstones in my life. I personally recommend wearing gemstones because they can actually benefit us in many ways as mentioned by you in the article.
                            I have also started some research work on gemstones .

                            Shaun mills

                            __________________________________________________ _________

                            Want to know your destiny click: Astrology and Horoscope
                            Want to know your destiny click: Astrology and Horoscope


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