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  • pacemaker

    Hi, this 90yr. old dancing lady now has racing heart beats and docs. would like to put a pacemaker in me, but its "no thank you" Any thought s on what would control heart beats which happens a lot during the nitetime. If i get a bad spell during the day I take spongi if I have mucus also, if not then I take some spiegela and both work well in a few hours and then I can go dancing. Any suggestions on how to control it altogether on a daily routine, so it wont effect the heart, and maybe also help the harding of arteries I have causing the claudication of legs,(no pulse at left ankle) Im also taking EDTA (cleation) in capsule form, and after 5 bottles think it is beginning to improve to allow me to walk a block without pains, but can dance for hours without pain as different muscles and turning are used in dancing. I have my pressure under control with Craetagus Ox, and cholestral is normal, diet good, Im a veggie.. Thanks for any thoughts you may have, can also e-mail at[/email]