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Is acupuncture an antidote to any remedy?

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  • Is acupuncture an antidote to any remedy?


    My first post and I would like to know if acupuncture in any way antidotes homeopathic remedies?

    More than 10 years ago I regularly attended a homeopath for minor ailments and so successful were the treatments that I needed no follow up since then.
    Right now, I seem to have a sinus/respiratory tract problem, not a real cold, as such, but a lot of post nasal dripping and a lot of coughing, all productive.
    Because I attend an acupuncturist for toe joint pain, when my cough was at its worst she began treating me for it.

    I'd really like to return to my homeopath to properly deal with this respiratory situation and just wonder could or should I discontinue the acupuncture sessions (once every six weeks) to get the most benefit from the remedies.

    I would appreciate your opinions, please!

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    Yes and no.

    Originally posted by Insomniak View Post

    I would like to know if acupuncture in any way antidotes homeopathic remedies. . . . I attend an acupuncturist for toe joint pain . . . [link: Extremeties, pain, toes (K1081-83) KENT1080] . . . could or should I discontinue the acupuncture sessions (once every six weeks) to get the most benefit from the remedies?
    That question is both yes and no, and the answer is complex, so just bear with me.

    First, however, since I just showed you that we have the means of dealing with toe pains (which initially strikes me as sort of peculiar and therefore probably a leading symptom if you have at least two more uncommon symptoms), the question would be why you're doing that when it's unnecessary. If it's the result of an injury that requires surgical reconstruction, only a surgeon could help. If you're wearing uncomfortable shoes that cause it, give them to a dog to chew on. They seem to like all smells, but they're still perfect animals. If it results from a job and is therefore another avoidable disease influence, learn how to fly airplanes, how to save whales or talk to dolphins or something that gets you off your feed 80 hours a day.

    Dear, pains in the toes without objective causes probably point to a medicine capable of transforming into your actual remedy for everything wrong with you from birth. Uh oh, what do you think allopaths would think of that remark? They suck their toes, though, and stick them where they don't belong, so who cares? Pains in the toes is an interesting symptom, especially if there are differential modalities, and that's where they've lead me quite a few times. Why are there pains in your toes and which ones as well as when and when better or worse? I suppose there are other questions, but those are the first ones that come to mind.

    Your larger question unfolds into a magnificent subject first revealed to me by a master homeopath named Adolph Voegeli about 20 years ago. He was one of the original Swiss and German homeopaths who saved or resurrected Hahnemannian homeopathy in the 1920s & '30s after it had been destroyed in America in the 1890s. Pierre Schmidt of Geneva did it, and Voegeli was one of his first colleagues along with Jost Kunzli, Horst Barthel, Will Klunker and Georg (sic) von Keller -- all master homeopaths (always a posthumous designation for obvious reasons). If there were others, I don't know who they were. Hahnemannian homeopathy still lives today because of those guys (thank God!), and I doubt that what happened could ever again happen given so many who've come on board since then and so many GVs (members of the Vithoulkas school of thought) making the difficult transition as we speak.

    Dr. Voegeli wrote a couple of papers showing the fascinating relationship between a few homeopathics (the medicines) and a few acupuncture points. I still remember my jaw making friends with the floor and me repeatedly going, "What, huh, what?" I don't know what to make of it because they're such initial and undeveloped findings, but it's unquestionably a big deal due to the mechanism of action of acupuncture.

    Those are invisible micro-vortices in the etheric energy pattern of our bodies on the Etheric Plane of existence, the second one. They close, and sticking little pins in them mechanically open them up until the causes of their closure re-impart their forces. That's one of the main reasons acupuncture is inherently allopathic in the present civilization. Etheric particles from the Sun (i.e., the ancient Indians' prana, the orientals' chi, Wilhelm Reich's orgone [sic], etc., the physical manifestations of which are probably neutrinos and the neutrino sea we continually literally walk around in -- absolutely amazing!) continually flow into the etheric pattern of living beings and act as energy nutrients, so fouled-up stuff happens when they close. It has nothing to do with the nervous system because there aren’t any universal nerve pathways to account for acupuncture meridians, and allopathic bozos who say that nonsense need dentistry without anesthesia to get them to shut up. That would fix ‘em right up, wouldn’t it?

    Those two papers appeared in the last two years of the ill-fated CHQ (the CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY QUARTERLY) as translations from the parent German journal out of Haug Verlag named the ZKH (the long-lived Zeitschrift fuer Klassische Homoeopathie [link: Zeitschrift fuer Klassische Homoeopathie ZKH: Magazines]). The ZKH still sits fallow in German along with about 80 million other pages of our priceless literature that have never been translated (some of it from the very beginning of homeopathy), and it's an unspeakable tragedy that none of the people with the financial means to fix this obscenity care and instead listen to the GVs about how to spend their ill-gotten wealth and power to help homeopathy, homeopaths and humanity. There are a bunch of waste-of-space billionaires and millionaires who like homeopathy, but they also never listen to us. Who is surprised?

    Dr. Voegeli quoted some guy in the Way Back Machine whom I'd never heard of and haven't since then who apparently originated these findings. Dr. Voegeli appeared to have advanced them a bit as a sort of champion of the idea, but I didn't fully understand it then and have since lost all of my literature, so I can't access those two papers. As I recall, it was only a relationship between about half a dozen medicines and as many acupuncture points, or something like that, but it was still a big deal precisely because acupuncture is allopathic in both theory and practice (get this) unless in the hands of a clairvoyant. You'll never meet anyone with controlled astral clairvoyance today because our societies are too backward and warped for such personalities to work in the open. The closest we ever encounter someone like that are the wholly evil mediums/witches of the occult world, whom the wise want to beat off with a stick and rocks or even a flame thrower.

    Acupuncture is allopathic because it's applied according to disease-diagnostic categories (not remedy-diagnostic categories) and therefore wholly ignores the therapeutically all-important uncommon symptoms that permit us to make remedy diagnoses and cure. They're dealing with partial pictures of the cases before them, and no responsible physician would ever do that because those treatments are doomed from the outset with such wrong basic assumptions and definitions. Garbage in, garbage out, and people die and go insane from such maltreatment by allopaths and die by the millions every year, too. Acupuncturists don't realize that, and they're some of the most brainwashed people I've ever encountered. They have seventy-twelve gazillion cliches, platitudes and slogans that constantly come out of their mouths and from their pens that reveal unfathomable depths of conditioned-reflex brain reactions. They don't make any sense, and conventional allopaths are correct to chide and chastise them, too. I do and just did because they deserve it. If you can't defend what you believe and supposedly know, something's wrong with your brain, and that describes all acupuncturists I've ever met or read. Put simply, I haven't ever met or read anyone involved in acupuncture who has clear and independent thought, so I only have involvements with them for anesthesia. After all, who wants a dentist to drill into your head without something? In China, they successfully use it in many surgical theatres and probably should in all of them, but we don't see real acupuncture today, so it has no business in diseases as far as I can tell. It's also allopathic because it's ongoing treatment that never cures anything. It appears to be the most obvious solution for anesthesia, but it doesn't seem to have any function in diseases precisely because it's still just allopathic today. They don't get any cures. Why not? I just told you.

    It was clearly discovered by people among the ancients with controlled astral clairvoyance, and that means Saints. It's fallen down to us in our times as a bunch of goofy charts. Why is acupuncture of the ears the most advanced application? Nobody knows, but somebody originally did. Those guys hear a disease diagnosis and start poking holes in us. Get away from me!

    Therefore, does acupuncture antidote our drugs when they transform into actual remedies from us finding a person’s simillimum (“thing most similar”)? Sure, but everything allopathic does that. Antidote is just a convenient word for it, though. It’s more dynamic than that because these are ultramolecular (“beyond-molecules”) drugs. Those set up curative reactions in the vital force (the etheric energy pattern), which are things the organism should have done on its own but, for various reasons, didn’t, so we throw a homeopathic remedy into someone to allow it to do what it’s supposed to do and clearly best knows how to do or there wouldn’t be four Laws of Cure seen in all curative reactions and that are simply the reverse of pathological progressions.

    Our medicines have primary and secondary effects. The primary ones are always those of the drug acting as a poison. We traditionally call those proving symptoms because prufung is German for “test or trial.” You never see primary actions of drugs in truly curative reactions because those are all counteractions of the organism to a stimulus of a most-similar disease having been thrown into them. The two can’t simultaneously exist in the same organism, so the stronger one always throws off the weaker one. We have the eternal advantage over all diseases because we can control the medicinal force through homeopathic potentization. We therefore always begin low in potency and steadily increase it until cure holds. Who knows when? God knows, not bozos like us.

    The first Law of Medicine governs this, too. This is beautiful. It’s a generic law applicable to all therapies whether curative or not: “The living organism is incomparably less capable of being affected by natural diseases than by medicines.” Hahnemann said that in THE LESSER WRITINGS, my favorite of his amazing books (link: The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann - Google Book Search). When we do it right, diseases and the krap that loads us down without mental freedom just go poof. It takes a while in most cases, and it’s extremely difficult to find the one drug that’s most similar in its pathogenic effects to those of a patient, but it’s constantly amazing that it always works in arguably miraculous ways and to those degrees, but that’s because natural laws govern all of this, and God created them at Creation so that we don’t needlessly suffer, so it’s not surprising and not actually miraculous because it's neither rare nor inexplicable. Isn't that wonderful? Therefore, of course God and all of the Higher Beings love us! That's real homeopathy, and it naturally produces the devotional love inherent whenever we encounter Great Truths, beauty, elegance, perfection, love, and all of the fun that comes from mental freedom toward human perfection.

    Finally, Hans Weitbrecht, a German Hahnemannian, is in Ireland, so why aren’t you seeing him? Wow, isn’t that a tough question to counter?

    God bless!


    Originally submitted Wednesday, January 28th 2009, 5:01:56 PM Moon time.
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    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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      Thank you for you reply.

      First I'll explain the toe pain.
      I have Morton's Foot/toe, short big toe, longer second toe, this has caused progressive pain over the last few years.
      Acupuncture appears to help at least in reducing the pain.

      Why I didn't pursue it homoeopathically... I'm not quite sure, to be honest.
      Perhaps a little like losing your keys in the house and then searching for them in the garden because the light was better out there.
      I would like to get back to my homoeopath for both my sinus problem and the toes, too. I hope there isn't too much "build up" to work through.
      I'm not sure that the toe pain is such an unusual symptom, given the Morton's foot as the reason for it, but then it's just the symptoms that matter, isn't it?

      So, I'll follow this up, make an appointment and see what happens.


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        dont mix treatments and treat whole deal--as one--when in doubt simplfy---


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          Thumbs down?

          Originally posted by john stanton View Post
          dont [Don't] mix treatments[,] and treat [the] whole deal [as if it's one thing because it is]--as one--[, and] when in doubt[,] simplfy---
          I don't know what's up with his disapproval represented by the thumbs-down sign, but I'll just ignore it since what he said is mostly true, and it seemed to me that you meant an appointment with your homeopath or with Hans, not with your acupuncturist. I wish people in general were more precise, unambiguous and avoided making statements that can be misinterpreted, but I don't think you did, and I know I didn't, so it's a mystery. Who cares, though, since most people who speak about homeopathy or any Great Truths live in glass houses?

          Specifically, I don't believe that modern people deserve to be treated like fools and given simple explanations for complex issues, for one invariably finds half-truths and lies within those kinds of explanations and the far-worse cliches, platitudes and slogans of brainwashing (conditioned-reflex brain reactions) when we attempt to simplify without wisdom, but I otherwise agree. He's invoking the magnificent statement by Samuel Hahnemann in Article 52 of the ORGANON OF MEDICINE (link: Hahnemann's Organon), arguably the very core of the book that will still be mostly valid for thousands of years, but I said what he did there in my own words, didn't I? In truly simple terms, you can't combine allopathy and homeopathy any more than you can get sugar from salt or invoke up when you mean down and expect anything but chaos, can you? Restated, why seek out allopaths for something when homeopaths have cured it? That's just dumb, but I noticed that you'd probably understand the fuller explanation as a knowledgeable homeopathic patient and therefore clearly aren't dumb, so I proceeded beyond the first sentences in quoting you.

          I think it's a cool question, and I doubted that you'll ever meet anyone else who knows this little bit about Dr. Voegeli's papers on acupuncture because the writings of Hahnemannians are such obscure information. It's therefore obviously better to have shared it even if you didn't understand since others will either now or later, but I'm rather sure you did.

          God bless!
          Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
 and and and


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            Apologies for being less than clear about my intentions!

            I made an appointment with my homoeopath, and stopped my acupuncture sessions.

            And, yes, I think my original question about the wisdom of combining different treatments was based on my instinctive feeling that it would be wrong and on my (admittedly basic) knowledge of homoeopathy.

            I appreciate your detailed replies and while a lot of it is more than a tad above my head, I believe that when I know more I'll remember your info, make the connection and it will make more sense.

            So... thank you!


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              How effective is HOMEOPUNCTURE ?

              Insomniak wrote:

              < ... I would like to know if acupuncture in any way antidotes homeopathic remedies? >

              The anwser is NO ! I had witnessed the demonstration of a painless and bloodless tooth extraction by a team of acupuncturists with a Sri Lankan Professor of odontology who performed the final act of extracting
              the tooth. This was in 1992 in Colombo , Sri Lanka at the International Congress of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The Acupucturists were from Taiwan stimulating the acupoint L 14 ( Hegu ).
              The Acupoint ( L 14 ) Hegu
              TCM Acupuncture Points - Hegu(LI4) Acupoint Location photos pictures diagram[TCM Discovery Net]

              The late professor Anton Jayasuria did the acupressure over the malar regions, followed by putting 4 granules of Phosphorus 30x under the tongue of the patient.
              With co-ordinated twirling of the needle in the L 14 Hegu acupoint and
              acupressure, the patient responded with diminution of pain. After the extraction,the cotton swab over the extracted site showed very little oozing. The elderly Sri Lankan lady then smiled her toothless smile painlessly at all of us. Those in this forum who had attended that 1992 International Congress of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka can vouchsafe for that effective combination of Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Acupressure in that International team demonstration.
              I have videoed the demonstration. The videotape, though a little mouldy now, is still with me. If you are really interested, I will try to hitch up the outdated system to have it converted to burn a CD for you.
              In the interim, go to a homeopath for management of your problem.

              Personally, I have had favourable results with homeopuncture I learned from the late prof Anton . I applied this procedure in ECIWO ( Embryo Containing Informaion Of The Whole Organism ) and the Korean Hand-Finger Acupuncture. I merely dipped the acupuncture needle in the selected homeopathic potency and then puncturing the acupoint. There is a little write-up in my website on these holistic disciplines.

              The Healing Properties of CHI, PRANA or VITAL ENERGY

              The Healing Properties of CHI, PRANA or VITAL ENERGY

              This narration is merely from the scrap book of my holistic research which you and others may not consider to be exact science.

              With regards


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                Originally posted by cellsalts View Post

                Insomniak wrote:

                "... I would like to know if acupuncture in any way antidotes homeopathic remedies?"

                The answer is NO!
                Yes, it does, and I surely explained why and how. If I didn't, I can further clarify it if someone tells me what they didn't understand.

                He further said that Phosphorus was used in the procedure, but he didn't tell you why because allopathic logic underlies its use in that way. That's a problem, isn't it?

                What I said still holds, but I certainly welcome further remarks by the learned man. I just wish people would better learn homeopathy before they say anything about it. The problem is that it takes more than a decade to understand it. In fact, the master homeopath named P.P. Wells (Phineus Parkhurst Wells), the last Hahnemannian standing in the 19th century, said it took him 25 years to understand it. We nothing but love those who're pursuing this elusive understanding, but we will also defend it from all misrepresentations since that just destroys homeopathy and misleads the innocent, the Golden Rule demanding it.
                Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
       and and and


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                  You wrote:

                  < Yes, it does, and I surely explained why and how.
                  ..... that Phosphorus was used in the procedure, but didn't tell you why because allopathic logic underlies its use in that way. That's a problem, isn't it? >

                  As a matter of fact, I am not institutionally trained in homeopathy. I am really glad you take onto your goodself to explain to me or us. Please be comfortable
                  in your presentation;hopefully, I can pick up some useful tips which are of good help to me in my medical practice. I sincerely wish the late professor Dr. Anton
                  Jayasuria will be with us in spirit when you present.

                  Thank you

                  With regards


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                    alright its on--H444 vs CS ---live at

                    with dr jaysger -meister as referee


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                      Dear members

                      In an effort to restore order into the distuned liveforce a homeopathic remedy is given. If its well chosen and aplied, it will restore order.
                      Part of this is also to use the energy systems to overcome diseases. As a result meridians and points can become active; energies can be found at certain points at certain times and then at other times there could be a lack of it.
                      Trying to influence this system directly would interfere with the liveforces atempts to overcome disease.
                      Accupuncture influences the energies in the hope that by equalizing / stabalising those the symptoms will disapere.It treats the symptoms but not the cause, which results only in paliation, or at its worst supression.
                      Hans Weitbrecht
                      HOMEOPATH / IRELAND