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Wart Underfingernail... 17 years Help want to get rid of it.. causing me depression

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  • Wart Underfingernail... 17 years Help want to get rid of it.. causing me depression

    I am a little desperate. From regular medicine.. I am looking for another option. I have a Wart underneath my fingernail. well some Drs.. had say is a wart others a fibrome. It looks like fibers like fibers of nails and on top my fingernail is growing normally. I have had it for years..17??? because it wasn't hurting and it was small at the beginning. I didn't care for it..I will just trim it with my finger nail. A couple of years a go it started to bug me because it was getting bigger and it will hurt like my nail was getting off the nail bed And another fingernail got one. (first was the ring finger then second was the thumb).
    Here is a link to show it

    So, I started the journey to investigate what it is and get rid of it.
    so.. multiple visits with multiple dermatologists. I had gotten multiple nitrogen sprays with little or nothing of results.
    after 14 sprays..trimming my nail on top in a triangle shape. so the wart can be exposed. .. and suffering so much pain from the treatments. my last treatment was so so painful.. it was made with a beetle juice. Ohh.. It was horrible.. made horrible blisters.. and .. It looks like the wart still there. I have lost hope.. It have been affecting my psyche. Why would my body be growing that thing. I just want normal fingernails. The stress from (the treatments and no results) is really getting to me. Is not letting me be. I am paranoid, having a bandaid. thinking it will spread to other part of my body. (Its very trying this part because in the 17 years pior I was using my hands.. normaly.. but since the dr. made such a issue.. ohh.. I sure have rub in my mind.). I am suffering Anxiety and the despair,. Makes me real sad. What is more concerning is my mind is telling me.. maybe is a symptom of something more serious. This has to stop.

    Family heath history.
    My immediate family (husband and kids) are very healthy. Suffer from colds from time to time.
    My mom a very healthy woman. I don't think I have ever seen her sick
    My dad in the other hand.. all his problems come from overweight he had gotten adult diabetes, ohhh my where do I start. He has adult diabetes, high blood pressure,. and uric acid., nail fungus. He doesn't control his diet and well.. all the following symptoms are from the obesity.

    Aliments I suffer..
    Maybe once a year.. and sometimes every other year. I get a very bad migraine.. Those migraines that start with lights and then escalate.. where I can't talk very good. I cant remember words so reading is not possible. Its like someone else would move my body. Like I am part of a movie. I take a pill that goes in the blood stream.. and that helps a lot.. I call it miracle pill. The bad pain goes away.. this started in my teenager years.
    I have acne in the t zone. It had been gotten some what control with cylndamicin. But once in a while when I am very very stres.. I will get a cyst of pimple. Like a mountain. But nothing will come. .It will hurt but no puss will come on its own. .I will eventually had to pinch it with a needle so the puss can come out. I have skin tags in my neck. Some in my arms.. little ones.
    3 weeks a go I notice my little toe.. gotten a dark strike. I went to the regular Dr. and she says is a fungus in the cuticle . So she advice to put clorox once a day for a month for 10 minutes. She say will cure it and is easier than giving me pills.
    Need to take coffee in the morning to prevent a mid day headache.
    I don't like the cold wind. It affects me.
    My kids woke up at night.. and sometimes I will go days and weeks.. without getting enough sleep. I had notice my energy level had decrease.. and I had started taking a nutritional supplement see if it was a lack of vitamin. Still nursing my almost 2 year old.. I want to stop. But he cries and cries. And I end up giving up. But now its only at night time. .I give him some milk.. and is more for the pampering than what he nurses.
    I had been very upset and depress. I use to go to the gym and wake up in the morning to go exercise. Right now it had been tough. I really need to push myself.
    I had always been obsess with the weight. Diets etc.
    when I was a teenager I gotten into the bulimia.. and sometimes. When I feel that I eat to much I will have an episode. I do try to control it. .and I don't do it often. I rater watch what I eat. Drink a lot of water.
    Loved spicy food. Crave salty food. .and love to put lemon.

    what can I take????

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    Dear Flower
    I must give you a reality check here.
    17 years of this problem is considered 'chronic'.
    Homeopathic discussion forums are not for suggestion of "Try this try that" prescriptions.No result with this sort of haphazard prescribing.There are a possible 3,000 homeopathic remedies to choose from.
    Indications of a wart tells a classical homeopath it stems from the Sycotic Miasm-(your skintaggs are also part of this imbalance)
    Sorry but
    You have a verry complex miasmatic systemic imbalance that is causing many of your collective symptoms.
    Homeopathy does not just focus on "get rid of my wart",then get rid of my Acne........etc.
    The whole patient needs to be addressed (mental/emotional/physical/pathology......etc)
    This is only done by a proper casetaking in person.
    Normally this takes aprox 2 hours.
    here is the link for a directory of practicioners for each state
    "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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      Thanks for your response.. I am new to the homeopathy thing.. just looking for some type of hope.

      How can I know which homeopath is good and which one is not..

      back in mexico you know.. who is good.. but here in america.. I dont know how to look for someone.


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        Warts are mixed miasmatic growth Psora is predominant As chronic Psora Psornum is recommende in all cases if no responding with the indicated medicine


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          Use ARGANRain 100% Pure Certified Argan Oil on your hands as it is important to ensure that our nails are in excellent condition. We recommend applying massage with argan oil in the morning and evening, preferably before going to sleep, so they can essentially penetrate the skin without being removed, acting more deeply.

          If your nails are weak, dry, you can implement a simple and effective home resort that will help them recovery. Pour cup of Argan oil in a container and put your nails in for 10 minutes, then remove and wash. Repeat this process twice a week, ARGANRain 100% Pure Certified Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, one of the best ways to nurture your nails and keep them beautiful.