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4 days past due date, how do I start labor?

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  • 4 days past due date, how do I start labor?


    I had posted one week back about having to work till my due date (12th May) and about homeopathic medicines to ease labor.

    I did take pulsatilla 200c as suggested by GM and I was having a sore throat with sour tasting flem and that disappeared.

    Well, I did manage to fulfil the requirement for maternity pay, but now I'm four days past due date and nothing is happenning!!! I have walked, climbed stairs eaten spicy food .... , but no change.
    Is there anything I take to start labor. I don't want to have the doctor induce labor, but the baby is just getting bigger and bigger.

    Thank you
    Bijo (Sarah)

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    I know it's not what you want to here but you may just want to be patient a little while longer. Four days is not a lot and your body and baby have a timetable all their own that is much wiser than you or your doctors determination of your due date. If I were you I would let nature take it's course and not worry about using any means to bring about the inevitable unless you begin to get very overdue. Enjoy this time it is the last moments of you having that little one all to yourself. Soon enough you'll have to share him/her . Take Care and good luck.
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      I know that due date calculation is hopelessly wrong. But my sisters have/are coming to help out and need to return on Sunday, they live hundreds of miles away and unfortunately they could get leave only around this time. So unless the baby comes soon, I'll have noone to help me the first few days.
      Anyway what has to happen will happen
      Bijo (Sarah)


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        An old reflexology trick to induce labor...massage the fleshy area on your hands between the thumb and index finger, on the mound that forms when you put your thumb against your hand. No guarantees, but I was told by a massage therapist that this has worked wonders on occasion and also to be careful, labor can come quickly if it's going to work. This area is actually off limits to massage on a pregnant woman unless she's ready to deliver. Good luck with your new baby!!!!


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          Dear Sarah,

          You can tweak your nipples (this makes your body produce Oxytocin..the hormone that they give to induce labour!!)...and orgasms with also do the have sex, even though you probably don't feel alllll that sexy at the moment ...I know how you feel!

          But, it works. Keep walking..and just keep tweaking your'll feel the contractions when you do this...slowly, then stronger and stronger.

          I will say though, if that baby isn't ready to come out - then this will be slow...but then it is the same when they artificially induce, too....

          So, tweak and make your husband do the deed to help naturally speed things along (oxymoron? ) Anyhow, good luck!

          Take care, and let us know how you and baby get on!!!

          Love from,
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          Carroll Dunham


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            Pulsatilla one m, could do the trick.


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              The highest potency I could get for Pulsatilla was 200c, I'll have to order it by mail and I'm not sure how long that'll take!!
              Is there anything I can do with 200c.
              I returned from my doctor's appointment and he says I'm already 3cm dilated and kept asking me whether I was sure I was not having contractions.
              Baby is heavy and it is difficult to bend, rise up from low surfaces etc. No backpain. Lots of braxton hicks, especially before bedtime. Baby is squirming quite a bit. I'm not too uncomfortable.
              I'm feeling bad that my sisters came from such a long distance and am feeling pressure to get the baby out, but I'm not angry. I do get a bit irritated, especially with the phone ringing off the hook with people asking whether the baby is there yet. Everybody keeps asking whether I feel anything happening!!



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                Use the 200, repeated each time till you feel contrations. should come fast in four houers..i think.


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                  Do you have access to the book WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING? I've been looking for my copy but can't find it. Anyway a friend tried this old wives tale that worked for her. Take a teaspoon of mineral or cod liver oil. The reason I ask if you have the book is it is listed as a way the doctors may try to induce labor.
                  Keep us posted!!
                  Man, do not pride yourself on your superiority to animals. For they are without sin and you in your greatness defile the earth by your appearance on it and leave traces of you foulness after you. Dostoyevsky


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                    Avoid the mineral oil. It absorbs precious nutrients out of the body, especially the Vitamin E and A etc. Castor oil is the old time favorite.
                    Carole Franske


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                      She asked for homeopatic advice, and thats pulsatilla!
                      Allopathy the docs take care of in the hospital! They need no one to tell them wht to use!


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                        Hi Sarah

                        I have 2 things that might help you. I was overdue for 2 of my pregnancies and it worked like a charm (for those pregnancies, anyways).
                        The first is to use a breast pump (similar to the nipple tweaking that was mentioned). A breast pump will produce stronger contractions than just plain tweaking,though, and, in a pinch, you can also use the bulb from a turkey baster.
                        The second thing you can try is to suck on a dum-dum sucker. Supposedly, the roof of your mouth is an accupressure point for stimulating labor, and a dum-dum sucker fits in there perfectly. I've also heard that sucking your thumb will work as well.
                        As for how things went for me, the breast pump got my labor going for baby number 4. The dum-dum sucker made my water break with baby number 5. Now I'm ready to have baby number 6 and I'm not having much luck with anything.
                        As for the castor oil, a teaspoon isn't enough - you need several tablespoons (3-4 at least). I knew a lady for whom this worked. I tried this home remedy many years ago and it didn't work for me, but let me tell you what - it sure made me FEEL like I was in labor (major cramping in addition to cleaning out my plumbing).
                        I hope some of this helps you out


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                          Best wishes to you Sarah and child.

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                          Carole Franske


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                            This is Sarah's husband. She did follow GM's suggestion of PULS 200, took about four doses in 8hrs, when the labour started. (1:30 AM 5/17) The baby was born at 8:30 am. The delivery was easy, especially the last phase was very quick, lasting less than five minutes.

                            Thanks everyone for your suggestions, and especially GM! She'll update you more as she gets back from the hospital.



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                              Congratulations and Best Wishes!