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how can hypertension be reduced???

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  • how can hypertension be reduced???

    my husband has high Blood Pressure since the past six months.

    he is currently on a no salt diet.
    He is not on allopathic medication
    he exercises regularly and is physically fit
    he is 43 years old

    his Blood pressure is high in the morning when he wakes up, or after his afternoon nap(he has stopped this for about a month now)
    130 / 100 mm of Hg.

    Over the course of the day the BP comes down and stabilises around 120/88 mm of Hg.

    If he goes jogging (around 5 kms.), he will have a BP of about 110/80 till the next morning when he again wakes up with very high BP.

    He goes jogging around 4-5 days a week, the other days he goes to play golf.

    Sometimes along with the High BP he has a sensation of something flutterring in his chest on the left and he has an urge to keep rubbing his chest.
    When the BP is high he says he feels irritated with the slightest disturbances: like the children speaking loud, motocyclists going wrong on the road, honking by vehicles. Though he does not show the irritation externally he feels disturbed.

    any suggestions ????

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    Though I do not personal experience. I got this link for curing hypertension(?). I wrote to the author and did not get any reply.

    high blood pressure cure permanently try it now Dr. Deoshlok Sharma - ABC Homeopathy Forum


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      Thank you

      I visited the web site that you mentioned. But I am more interested in finding a homoeopathic medicine.



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        Kamalam: Are you a homeopathic practitioner? Than my answers will be easy to follow. There is one report that says no salt diet can increase cholesterol levels. It is better to put him on low salt diet instead of NO SALT diet.
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          Thank you Argentum for replying.

          Yes, I am a homoeopath. I have given my husband Natrum muriaticum 200 two doses and then last month one dose of Lycopodium 200.

          He has improved after these doses. But as I wrote earlier his blood pressure shoots up in the mornings when he wakes up.

          And over the course of the day comes down, most of the days, to normal by afternoon.
          But some days it does not unless he goes for his 3 - 5 km. jog.

          When this problem of blood pressure started iN Feb 2009 his cholesterol was 205 mg/dL

          Now six months later it is 169 mg/dL.

          What is worrying us is that his BP shoots up to 130/100 in the mornings.



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            Do not worry. Please tell me how exactly did you find out in the beginning (Feb 09) that your husband is having an increased blood pressure. Depending on his age the BP mentioned may be normal. Please reply.


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              In Feb 2009, he one day came down with a severe migraine, and he also felt very uneasy and he went to see a doctor near his workplace. His Blood pressure was very high then 160/110 mm of Hg.

              His migraine improved with belladonna M. first and then later Nux vomica M.

              But over the whole of that week he continued to have high blood pressure 160/110 mm of Hg. He was prescribed Atenolol 50 mg. and he took it for four days and stopped.

              But after this he started to feel very uneasy around his chest region, a sort of flutterring sensation in his left chest which was amel. by gentle rubbing.
              He also became quite irritable during that period.

              I gavehim Natrum muriaticum 200. one dose and after an initial aggravation the Blood pressure slowly subsided. But when he woke up in the mornings it would be high and then gradually subside. The fluttering sensation also became more infrequent.

              A month later he again had an episode of migraine, after a day's work in the hot sun and going without his afternoon lunch. The blood pressure was again high. The migraine improved after Bryonia M.

              Tthe fluttering sensation in the chest returned and i gave him another dose of Natrum muriaticum 200. The whole of April May and June he was ok.

              Again in July his blood pressure started to become high in the mornings when he woke up or was high after his afternoon nap.

              That's when I gave him Lycopodium 200. one dose. After this dose he was really feeling better. His BP. would only shoot up to 124/90 in the mornings. and by 10.30 a.m. it would come down to normal, 120/80. He felt overall better.

              But again now in August he came down with an attack of migraine, and the blood pressure is 130/100 in the mornings and comes down to 124/88 by evening and sometimes comes down only after his evening jog.

              130/90 might be normal for his age. But why is it that his blood pressure goes up in the morning on waking up? That is when it should be low and at the end of the day it should be high.



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                Good reply and precise. One thing keep in mind never ever administer a remedy (homeopathic or any) without the requirement. Why did you administer Belladona and Nuxvomica in the first? And what made you to administer Nat Mur 200 and later on discontinue?
                Any way, try LACHESIS 6 in 20 size pills 2 pills as one dose 2 doses a day.


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                  My views

                  kamalam, have you ever checked his pulse?

                  From what you have written so far, I figure out that his pulse can be felt under first one (or two) finger/s. If that is the case, frequent use of Nat-mur 200C might complicate the case. My views on use of Natrum-mur can be found here. You might differ with me but that is what I think.

                  In my opinion, his blood pressure rises during sleep when the body relaxes and becomes cold. He needs something to warm up the body. I get this indication from your observation that his BP falls after jogging (when the body warms up). This is a non-homeopathic approach but is quite useful.
                  M Akram Khan


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                    AKARAM: Thanks. What is this pulse felt under first finger? (From what you have written so far, I figure out that his pulse can be felt under first one (or two) finger/s)


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                      Read about pulse

                      It would be hard to explain it here due to length of the topic. Please read my this article on pulse and other related articles. Hopefully you would find answers to many questions about pulse.
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                      M Akram Khan


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                        Homeopathy for hypertension



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                          Thank you very much for references on Pulse. sincerely,


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                            Pulse and hypertension

                            Welcome, argentum!

                            I hope the articles are useful?
                            M Akram Khan


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                              Argentum and Akram,

                              Thank you very much for responding. I have been busy lately and could not log on to the net.

                              Argentum you had asked me why Natrum mur and then Lycopodium.

                              When I gave him Natrum mur he had palpitation which amel. by pressing his left chest near the heart.
                              In Chronic Diseases under Natrum mur. symptom no. 907 : Palpitation with pressure on the heart, like cardialgia, somwhat diminished by pressing on it with the hand (at once).
                              He also is more of an introvert and does not come out easily with his problems.

                              then when I gave him Lycopodium: Lycopodium was also present along with Lachesis and other remedies in the Phatak's repertory under Agg. after sleep. And then in the Chronic diseases there were again two symtpoms that he had: symptoms nos. 1517 and 1523: Anxious screaming in sleep, several times. and She often wakes up at night, as if awakened by fright.

                              Now I thought over what you said, maybe I shouldn't have discontinued Natrum mur. I have given him a dose of Natrum muriaticum M. two days back.

                              And Akram, about the pulse: his pulse is always between 64 and 75 per minute. Even when the blood pressure is high.