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Serious Attack on Homeopathy

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  • Serious Attack on Homeopathy


    Homeopathy has suffered a very serious attack. A UK based group (VoYS) from Sense About Science, dedicated to eliminating homeopathy, recently sent a letter to the World Health Organization asking WHO to condemn homeopathy in developing countries, especially in the areas of influenza, childhood diarrhoea, malaria and AIDS.

    WHO replied last week with statements from various Departmental Heads saying that they do not have any indication of effectiveness of homeopathy in any of these areas. BUT it did not say that the medicines are ineffective in these conditions. Above all there was NO official circular from WHO.

    VoYS has twisted this response and circulated the response of WHO to the media and have amplified the letter as if it is a public announcement from WHO, WHICH IT IS NOT. Additionally, VoYS has stated on its website that it will be contacting the Health Ministries of all countries in the world to let them know about the WHO response and press them to condemn homeopathy in their country.

    The BBC online then spread this false item, as WHO Warns Against Homeopathy Use They have since apologized and admitted that it was hasty and mistaken in posting the article as an official statement, without checking the facts and without balancing the article with input from official homeopathy organizations, and have changed the headline. But the original BBC version has been picked up by newspapers worldwide and every day more and more online sites and blogs are copying the article. If we let this go it will be too late, people will believe this dirty trick campaign.



    1. Please send emails or letters to the BBC complaint department AND to other newspapers publishing the statement. Tell them that this headline is false and BBC has since changed the article. (Below see: BBC response and list of Media reporting the article)
    BBC - Complaints - How we handle your complaint


    It is important that WHO hear from as MANY INDIVIDUALS AS POSSIBLE

    Just Forwarding is not enough! Make sure to send at least two email letters to the contacts given at the end of this mail.



    If you are living in the US or have no contact with developing countries, you may wonder why this is an important issue for you to act upon. In fact some suggest that no response be made and that we continue to focus our energies on our good work.

    However, this attack is different---

    1. This is a group (VoYS) that is aggressively dedicated to destroying homeopathy. They have stated this on their website and in their letter to their members announcing the WHO letter.

    2. Existing homeopathy projects will suffer because of these attacks, hindering raising of funds and initiating research. We are a holistic healing community. When one of our practitioners or one location of our profession is attacked, it is an attack against all of us. Just as we would not turn our backs on treating patients with acute attacks of cholera or malaria, who without homeopathic treatment might die, we should not be complacent about this group. This is a serious acute attack and needs a like response.

    3. These attacks are coming because homeopathy is gaining approval and popularity. We must be ready to stand firmly beside the good work that we are doing and be ready to assure that all people, especially those in developing countries, have access to this healing modality. If we do not respond this could affect each and every one of us.




    World Health Organization Contacts
    Director General Dr. Margaret Chan Media Officer Fadela Chaib

    Mr A. Etukudo, Division of AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria at the World Health Organisation's regional office in Congo, Africa

    Dr Elisabeth Mason, Director Department of Child & Adolescent Health Development

    Dr Mukund Uplekar, TB Strategy and Health Systems,

    Dr Sergio Spinaci, Associate Director, Global Malaria Programme

    Dr Mario Raviglione, Director, Stop TB Department Press Contact Glenn Thomas

    Dr Teguest Guerma, Director Ad Interim, HIV/AIDS Department, Press contact Valeri Abramov

    BBC response to complaint:

    Many thanks for your e-mail. We have since updated this report and it now includes two comments putting the case for homeopathy - one referring to treatment for diarrhoea - although we accept that it would
    have been desirable to have had these in the article earlier.

    It became clear from correspondence that some readers found the original headline - WHO warns against homeopathy use - ambiguous, and this has been altered to reflect the fact that people are being urged not to rely
    on homeopathy.

    Best wishes,
    BBC News website
    BBC - Complaints - How we handle your complaint

    Write to all of the following too:


    BBC online Homeopathy not a cure, says WHO

    BMJ WHO warns against using homoeopathy to treat serious diseases

    The Independent Steve Connor: Lack of waves causes ripples of excitement

    Kaiser Family Foundation WHO Recommends Against Using Homeopathic Treatments For HIV, TB, Malaria, Influenza, Infant Diarrhea

    USA Today WHO warns against homeopathy treatments

    Rocket News WHO warns against homeopathy use

    Digital Journal Medics Condemn Homeopathic Treatments

    Newser WHO Sounds Alarm on Homeopathy

    World News Network WHO warns against homeopathy use

    Drugs and Diseases Homeopathy not a cure, says WHO

    NetDoctor Homeopathy ââ,¬Ëonot a cureââ,¬â"˘ for disease

    The Millenium Project WHO does not recommend the use of homeopathy for HIV, malaria, TB, influenza and infant diarrhoea Homeopathy not recommended by WHO Homeopathy: No Science, No Proof, No Cure

    Ghana Broadcasting Corporation WHO warns against homeopathy use

    Kenya Broadcasting Corporation WHO warns against homeopathy use

    El Pais, Spain La OMS desaconseja el uso de la homeopatia para el tratamiento del sida o la malaria WHO waarschuwt voor homeopathie

    Eesti Paevaleht, Estonia WHO hoiatab HIVi ja malaaria homoopaatilise ravi eest

    Helsingin Sanomat, Finland WHO varoittaa homeopaattisista hoidoista

    Corriere della Sera, Italy Oms: preoccupazione per la diffusione dellââ,¬â"˘omeopatia nel terzo mondo

    Delfi, Lithuania Pasauline sveikatos organizacija ispeja del homeopatijos naudojimo

    Polskie Radio, Poland WHO ostrzega przed homeopatia

    Journal of Turkish Weekly WHO warns against homeopathy use

    The Times of India Homeopathy doesnĂf¢ââ?s‰â?z¢t help in HIV, TB, malaria

    Thaindian News, Thailand People with HIV, TB, malaria should not rely on homeopathy, says WHO

    The News, Pakistan WHO warns against homeopathy treatments, Brazil OMS alerta para risco de homeopatia contra Aids e malaria

    Excelsior, Mexico Desaconseja OMS homeopatia para sida, tuberculosis o malaria

    Radio Netherlands Worldwide Sceptics want homeopathy banned in Africa, RADIO INTERVIEW

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    WHO International

    WHO | Media contacts
    __________________________________________________ ______

    WHO Europe
    __________________________________________________ ______
    WHO - United Kingdom

    WHO | United Kingdom
    __________________________________________________ _______

    Ian Sample - Author of British scientists ask WHO to condemn homeopathy for diseases such as HIV 1st June 2009 Clinics throughout Asia and sub-Saharan Africa offering ineffective remedies for serious illnesses, putting lives at risk, researchers say.

    British scientists ask WHO to condemn homeopathy for diseases such as HIV | Science |

    Contact the Science editor at
    a. Report errors or inaccuracies:
    b. Letters for publication should be sent to:
    __________________________________________________ _
    The Times
    Dave Rose - Author -

    Doctors condemn homeopathic treatments for Aids and malaria 1st June 2009

    To contact Times Online, The Times or The Sunday Times, please select the department you need and press the relevant link to e-mail them Contact Us | Times Online


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      Homeopathy community response to WHO

      Response of Homeopathy community to WHO

      We the undersigned are outraged at the way the World Health Organization has allowed itself to be coerced by the Sense About Science Voices of Young Science into condemning the use of homoeopathy in developing countries.

      This condemnation comes after what appears to be blind acceptance by WHO of the contents of a single letter from ‘young scientists’ living in the UK in June. VoYS is an offshoot of Sense About Science an aggressive anti-homoeopathy lobby that have well documented funding connections to pharmaceutical companies. WHO appears to have made no efforts at all to establish the veracity of the claims of VoYS or to check with the homoeopaths in the named countries on what they are doing, their treatment policies or the results they are having in treating patients with a wide range of conditions.

      There is an increasing body of evidence in favour of homoeopathy’s effectiveness. The respondents from WHO’s various departments, in their rush to fulfill the ‘Young Scientists’ request to condemn homoeopathy, apparently are not aware of, or have chosen to overlook, the positive results of many research studies. e.g

      • A recent high quality trial by the prestigious, WHO qualified facility, the Finlay Institute in Cuba, involving two and a half million people, found homoeopathy to be extremely effective in the prevention of Leptospirosis (Dr. Concepción Campa Huergo report to Finlay Institute ‘Nosodes 2008 conference’ December 2008, to be published).

      • A trial conducted by Quebec homoeopathy organization in partnership with McGill University in Honduras found homoeopathy effective in preventing and treating parasitic Chagas disease (Martine Jourde report to Finlay Institute ‘Nosode 2008 conference’ December 2008).

      • Three studies that show homoeopathy is effective in the treatment of child hood diarrhea. Furthermore, counter to the uninformed claim of Joe Martines, on behalf of Dr Elizabeth Mason, Director, WHO Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development, rehydration was included in the protocol of the trials (See below).

      • A pilot study in Ghana showing homoeopathic treatment equal to and slightly more effective than chloroquine in the treatment of acute malaria (Br Homoeopath J 1996 Apr;85(2):66-70).

      • The Stanford study treating tuberculosis in HIV patients resulted in significant improvement in patients receiving homeopathic immunotherapy (Stanford, Comm Br Hom Res Grp Dec 1992 22 30-9).

      Furthermore, the WHO department directors have ignored the rich and well documented history of homoeopathy’s success in treating major worldwide epidemics of cholera, influenza (including the 1918 epidemic), yellow fever and many other serious epidemics. Homoeopathy has a well developed approach to epidemics which mean homoeopaths can respond rapidly to an epidemic infectious disease. In light of these and more studies of homoeopathy and the extreme challenge of emerging drug resistant epidemics in developing countries, it is cause for wonder why WHO itself has not sponsored research into homoeopathy treatment.

      Homoeopaths operate in a complementary way to conventional medicine, they do not recommend stopping any prescribed conventional medicines. Treatment results of patients in the developing countries where homoeopathy is used are impressive. Patients are happier and healthier and despite the constraints of lack of funding from established research foundations, studies are being undertaken and proving homoeopathy’s effectiveness.

      In 2005 the World Health Organization proposed an extremely positive report on homoeopathy and its potential in the developing world noting that it is cost effective, has no side effects, and above all is positively health enhancing. It was only after pressure from critics of Complementary and Alternative medicine to revise it, that the report was held back and despite considerable revision it has still not been published.
      The VoYS has issued a press release to the media that widely publicises the statements from the WHO Departmental Heads. VoYS has stated that they will be contacting the Health Ministries of every country to tell them of the opinion of WHO and discourage the use of homoeopathy in order to accomplish their mission to stopping the use of homoeopathy altogether. VoYS has presented the communication from WHO as a public announcement from WHO and as a way to pressure countries to alter their internal health policies. Is this the intention of WHO ? Does WHO condone other organizations speaking and acting on its behalf in such a way??

      We have several questions for WHO.

      • How can you allow your organisation to appear to condemn homoeopathy on the basis of one letter by an antagonistic lobby that receives funding from the pharmaceutical industry and without first checking the facts?

      • How can you reverse your own previous recommendations without verification and dialogue?

      Why when all over the world doctors, scientists and patients are choosing homoeopathy because of their positive experience in regaining health, does WHO decide to condemn homoeopathy? How is the WHO statement and the subsequent contact by VoYS to be received by countries such as India, where homoeopathy doctors have a long and respected record of treating all diseases, including epidemics?

      • Why when Ministries of Health in many developing countries have responded to the requests of their own citizens to make homoeopathy a registered medicine, does WHO choose to lend their authority to the dedicated campaign of an anti-homoeopathy group located in the UK?

      The citizens of Switzerland recently voted in a national referendum to include homoeopathy as one of their medical choices. Should the poor sick of Ghana, Botswana, Swaziland, Tanzania, Brazil, Cuba, Thailand and other developing contries, living in rural areas with little or no access to other medicines, be deprived of this safe and affordable choice? How can WHO allow, through the contents of one arbitrary letter, removal of freedom of choice from the people who need it most? Is this not an issue of basic human rights?

      The VoYS press release, which was further distorted by the BBC, has gone to the media throughout the world under the headline of “WHO Warns Developing Countries against Homoeopathy.” This is a deliberately inflammatory, malicious and false declaration that appears to have the backing of WHO. As a role model of good health and disease treatment to the world, we appeal to WHO not to let commercial powers and vested interests of a small vocal group influence your stated goal of bringing the “highest possible level of health” to all the people of the world.

      We urge you to reverse your premature and apparently unconsidered condemnation of homoeopathy –a safe, effective and cost-effective therapeutic option for developing countries.

      Please give health a chance!


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        NCH -> Serious Attack on Homeopathy


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          NCH -> A Letter to WHO - Pakistan


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            more e-mail ids of WHO personals

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