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Anxiety: homeopathic alternative to Rx for anxiety?

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  • Anxiety: homeopathic alternative to Rx for anxiety?

    Hello, everyone. My friend took paroxetine for a mild social and situational anxiety for five years. He can no longer take it because he is training to become a pilot, and this medication is not allowed. Is Kali Phosphoricum an alternative he should consider? If so, how does one figure out the dosage?

    Thanks for any input!

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    No, we don't prescribe "for" diagnostic categories. Those are allopathic methodologies based upon the dumb and insolubly flawed notion that an accurate disease diagnosis equals (=) an effective therapy -- their insane therapeutic formula. There are innumerable things wrong with that dumb notion propagated by bozos and self-admitted quacks ("therapeutic incompetents"), but the basic, fundamental assumptions underlying that stupid therapeutic formula from Hell are the dumbest. The dumbest of those is that those disease diagnoses are accurate descriptions of reality, for nobody since Creation has had and nobody 'til the end of God will have only the common symptoms of allopathic diagnoses. Again, that's but one reason of many allopathic physicians can't cure and will never be able to. "They see but do not perceive" (Christ).

    Don't listen to doctors without cures who base all of their stupid notions and practices upon a mere 10% knowledge of human physiology. Listen to them tell us that they have no cures, that they create the very diseases they can't cure, that they kill 97-98% of their patients (i.e., six million Americans every year!) and that they're fully, directly responsible for all of the horrors of industrial chemistry. Why would you listen to mass murderers pretending to be physicians? That's dumb. Don't be dumb; smart's better.

    We make unambiguous or homeopathic (the word has a meaning) remedy diagnoses when we do it right and follow the rules inherent in the 9 Laws of Medicine specific to homeopathy. Go see how many of the 600-odd drugs listed in Kent's REPERTORY have cured anxiety: That was in 1900 and in a repertory that only logs 600(+) drugs. Believe it or not, all 2600 drugs yet known will eventually be discovered to have cured anxiety, and it will furthermore be that we'll eventually discover that 80 million gazillion homeopathic drugs cure anxiety because a remedy diagnosis is instead based upon the few highly differential uncommon symptoms, not upon any mere common symptoms used to define diseases in allopathic terms. Hence, because anxiety is a mere common symptom and something everyone has or has had, it will eventually be found in the symptom profiles of each and every drug. For the very same reason, all of the drugs will eventually be discovered to have cured cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Hogskin's disease, etc. Welcome to the 25th century!

    We match the symptoms because Nature doesn't allow two similar diseases to simultaneously exist in the same organism. How more obvious could the means of cure be? It's always like that with self-evident Truths, though.

    The main thing we look for with any symptom is a four-part parameter: location, sensation, modalities and concomitants. Well-taken symptoms usually have the first three and more often than we initially realize even have the fourth parameter of a well-recorded symptom. Therefore, anxiety without any strange, rare and peculiar sensation(s), modality or modalities (modes when something is better or worse) or concomitants (accompanying symptoms) is simply useless for homeotherapeutics because they don't lead to a person's simillimum ("thing most similar"), which can alone transform from a mere drug (all of which are poisons) into an actual remedy -- all of which are exclusive of homeopathy -- that actually reintegrates the disintegral etheric energy pattern of a person. That's the composite whole of the etheric particles comprising our organism on the Etheric Plane of existence, each subatomic particle of matter having that additional level of atomic nutational motion (that being a wobbling effect -- like a smoke ring or a top that's about to fall over -- found in the motions of the torroidial eddies in the fabric of space called subatomic and quantum particles, which are actually doughnut-shaped things, not spheres) plus two more levels of existence. We can't access the third and fourth planes of existence, though, but neither do we have to. That's the inescapable conclusion from the fact that we use ultramolecular ("beyond-molecules") drugs, and every single easily tested homeopathic drug proves that to the staunchest skeptic -- no matter how unexpected that incontrovertible fact might seem. Isn't that amazing? Link:, Article 141.

    I well understand how difficult that is to understand, but it is perhaps helpful to know things like the following to grasp it: Hitler needed homeopathically potentized Anacardium orientale; Bill Clinton needs homeopathically potentized Lycopodium; President Reagan needed homeopathically potentized Staphysagria; George Washington needed homeopathically potentized Aconite, etc., through many historical and public figures. Isn't that amazing?

    God bless!
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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      Anxiety about what?
      At what time it increases or decreases?
      Under what conditions and circumstances it increases or decreases?
      The word "social and situational" is too common.
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        Right, exactly that kind of stuff, and that's just one symptom. Assuming that something uncommon (characteristic) and therefore strange, rare and peculiar by definition is found out about anxiety, we'd need at least two more to cross-reference (repertorize) the three symptom rubrics in the repertories to see which drugs have all three or more symptoms. Then, we take a look-see in the various reliable materia medicas ("materials of medicine") for closest matches, or most similarity of symptoms. That's a lot easier said than done, but it's about that simple. Cure arises out of that, and that's yet another of many reasons allopaths still can't cure after more than 2700 years of trying with fouled-up notions and never will be able to cure because when you correct all of those bozo mistakes, you have homeopathy.

        God bless!
        Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and