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Acne, Mucus, Insecurity

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  • Acne, Mucus, Insecurity

    Can someone please offer any suggestions on this case. Thank you very much!

    29 years old. Female. Caucasian. Height: 5í1Ē. Hazel/brown eyes. Light brown hair. Pale skin. Long eyelashes. I crave sweets and when I eat them, I immediately gain weight.

    My father has arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. He suffers from social phobia, fear of people, sensitive about appearance, and never achieved anything in his life. Heart problems on his side of the family.
    When I was little, I was painfully shy, too. But I tried very hard to overcome this, and I used to long for greatness. I can be very outgoing and social. But Iím still timid and very self-conscious. (Iím very insecure around people, but Iím confident when Iím with close family.) I still have debilitating feelings of inadequacy, especially when it comes to working: I leave all jobs because I feel that Iím not qualified, and I was never able to reach my potential, which is very painful for me, because Iím very jealous of what others achieved. I never had any confidence to work in any real jobs.

    My maternal grandmother is Schizoid. She speaks like a robot, has no feelings, performs compulsive rituals, thinks she can speak to God and itís her mission to educate the world. My grandmother and mother both have hyperthyroidism. Maternal grandfather died of brain tumor.
    My mother is very Narcissistic and has Borderline Personality disorder. She used to cling to female friends and would threaten suicide when they abandoned her. Sheís weirdly attracted to little kids (she even slept in the same bed with me and gave me baths until I was eleven years old). Sheís controlling and has mood swings and anger outbursts.
    As a result, I received a very unstable upbringing. There was no nurturing from her. She used to leave for months, and when she was around, I always feared her because of her unpredictable moods and controlling temperament.
    I think that I also have some features of her Borderline Disorder Ė I have no stable sense of identity; I have no idea what to do with my life. Iím already 29 and have no idea what career to choose. (Cannot make decisions because I have no sense of identity or any confidence.) I have magical thinking. I feel different from others and misunderstood and like an alien. I care what everybody thinks about me and Iím sensitive to criticism. On the one hand feel special, on the other hand feel worthless. Become what others expect. Iím impulsive and canít control my emotions. No boundaries or set values. Fear of abandonment.
    I am only attracted to narcissistic men (those who are arrogant, powerful. who first idealize me, but then devalue me, and then I suffer terribly from feelings of abandonment). I feel horrible thinking that I did something wrong that made them stop liking me. Scare them off with my feelings. I feel deep longing and desire to make them love me, the same way that I wanted my mother to love me when I was little.
    Iíve been with my one boyfriend since I was a teenager. He loves me but heís also selfish. Iím afraid to leave him because I cannot hurt his feelings and because Iím afraid no one will love me or understand me like he does.

    Hormones: my testosterone levels are slightly elevated. My periods have always been irregular. They come once every couple of months. When they arrive, the flow if very heavy the first three days. There are also dark clots. Thereís very severe cramps the first day or two. And sometimes Iím weepy before the period. I can feel that itís coming. Periods last around 7 days. Sometimes have white thick discharges in between periods. The hair on my legs grows fast and I need to shave daily.
    My face has been very oily and shiny since puberty. I have black pores, deep cysts. I squeeze pimples. I have dark spots left on the face afterwards, and they make me feel ugly and deformed and I have to hide behind makeup at all times. I feel that acne ruined my life completely. There are also breakouts on the right breast.

    Sexuality Ė when I was little I played doctor with my friends non-stop. When I became a teenager I started masturbating a lot. I have lots of birthmarks, and a few cauliflower birthmarks.

    I used to suffer from panic attacks. I was afraid of vomiting in front of people, feared embarrassing myself in front of others, having no way out. I have anticipatory anxiety and it causes diarrhea. I also have felt very depressed due to my acne problem and due to my anxiety and inferiority feelings.

    When I was young, I used to wonder whatís beyond the beyond, and I would feel as if I became huge and my body expanded, and then Iíd become tiny again. Looking across an empty dark open space gives me that feeling of hugeness.
    Irritated by noises.
    Forget what I read.
    I act childish, naively. Have a childish voice. People usually think I look younger than I am. But Iím also very serious.
    Hair is oily, fine, thin. Dark under eye circles.
    I fall asleep very late. Need to have blanket over me in order to sleep.
    Sometimes Iím irritated by other people talking, by noises.
    Restless, fear missing out, like to drive, travel.
    Donít like intrusions into body (needles, medicines). Fear of physical suffering and of unknown new symptoms.
    Sensitive to music. Can feel sad or euphoric.
    When I sneeze, I sneeze 4-5 times. Sometimes I sneeze if come out of dim place into bright sunlight.
    Throat cracks when I yawn too wide.
    Better from applying pressure. Worse thinking about problems.
    Urinary: After I drink water, I have to urinate very frequently. Microscopic levels of blood very often found in urine. Had a couple of urinary tract infections.
    Sometimes white lumps of mucus in stool. Some back pains lately.

    Chief complaint: I have trouble swallowing saliva. It feels thick and like it doesnít go down, but instead as if it gets stuck in the throat. Sometimes there seems to be mucus in the throat somewhere. If I just empty swallow repeatedly, then Iíll be choking. So I am always drinking water, or eating something, in order to push the saliva down. Sometimes Iíve felt mucus stuck in posterior nares. Nose always feels stuffed up. Sometimes feel like need to clear my throat, sometimes feel mucus building up in throat, sometimes feel throat is congested.
    The closest allopathic disease seems to be Laryngopharyngeal reflux (where the stomach acid comes back up into throat and sinuses). The symptoms of this disease are: too much mucus, sensation of plug in throat, pressure in ears, post nasal drip, the need to swallow foods in order to push acid back down into stomach, clearing throat, coughing, choking on mucus, teeth decay from acid eating the teeth away. Most of my teeth have decay. Sometimes I have spasms in the throat. Also spasms from taking supplements. When I try to take proton pump inhibitor medication, my swallowing feels worse right away, instead of better. It feels more congested.
    I used to often feel stomach pains, queasiness, and I often feel nausea. In 2003, I started to feel that all the food I was eating was getting stuck in my throat. It was very scary. I stopped eating solid foods and lived on liquids for a very long time. Then developed post nasal drip. In 2005, I was living in a windy city and getting lots of earaches. Then I developed tons of mucus on blowing the nose. But then the mucus stopped flowing outward, and instead turned inward. I started choking on the mucus that would get stuck in my throat. After that I developed a problem with empty swallowing.

    So the problems I have are: problem with empty swallowing, mucus; hormonal imbalance, acne, oily skin; teeth decay; feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence.

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    Hi Everyone! I apologize that I had made my post so long! I think that maybe the problem is that I made my case way too long, with too many unnecessary, unrelated symptoms. So I went back and took out all the clutter and left just the most important points. Maybe it will help? If anybody has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

    My menses are irregular. The flow is very heavy first few days, with lots of cramps, and clots. My testosterone levels are slightly elevated.

    My face has been very oily since puberty. I get deep cysts, which sometimes develop into whiteheads and sometimes not. I have dark spots left on the face afterwards. I wear makeup all the time when I go out in public. There are also blackheads on the right breast. (If I were to take antibiotics, then all the pimples disappear right away. In the past, some creams worked to stop acne for a long time, but then it would come back again.)

    I have trouble swallowing saliva. It feels thick. Sometimes there seems to be mucus in the throat. Sometimes throat feels congested. Sometimes it feels better if I can clear the throat and get the mucus to un-stick. My nose is usually congested. Sometimes thereís post-nasal drip. I always have to drink water or eat something, in order to swallow saliva down. I cannot just empty swallow repeatedly. I have teeth decay.

    I care what people think about me. I get offended easily.
    Iím envious of others.
    I want to achieve a lot, but I cannot hold down any job because I feel inadequate and inferior when Iím around people. At home I feel confident.
    Iím very indecisive.
    I used to suffer from anxiety in the past.


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      Hi Mandy,

      With a lot of personal details, it may not be appropriate to work out your case on a public forum like this.
      I do think however that a couple of homeopathic remedies, appropraitely chosen an prescribed accurately will help you.

      I cna see some miasmatic tendencies and some constitutional tendencies that can be corrected with these remedies. But this will require a commitment to treatment through the ups and downs over the next year or so. Also it would required some effort at changing attitudes on your part.

      Do you have access to a homeopath in your area?
      d.r leela