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    Dear colleagues
    I am in the process of establishing a research project trying to establish the mode of action of homoeopathy. I am looking for an interested university or company who would like to be involved. Anyone in the homoeopathic community who is interested in taking part may contact me directly to establish common ground. Also if you have any good ideas about funding let me know.

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    I could be involved in the initial designing of the research project.
    I was looking for an email id to contact you?
    dr. leela


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      What do you mean by "the mode of action?" Hahnemann already explained it, and all of our cures prove it.

      Shui Yin Lo's accidental discovery of nanometer-sized ice in homeopathic medicines adjusts James A. Stephenson's brilliant hypothesis of so-called "hydro-alcohol molecules" (i.e., water and alcohol molecules acting in tandem) being transformed into polymers to actually being nanometer-sized crystals sustaining that etheric energy pattern in a physical field of subatomic particles not physically related to the substance, but the finding just sits fallow. The best money to be spent in such research would therefore repeatedly and irrefutably confirm that finding since it's the mystery finally resolved. If it's not, I'll be very surprised.

      The mechanism of action of homeopathy is the fact that nature doesn't allow two similar diseases to simultaneously exist within an animal or human organism. We therefore essentially throw a medicinal disease capable of producing a similar set of symptoms into a diseased person who has those. The Law of Similars governs this choice of a remedy and discernment of a remedy diagnosis, but the mechanism of action is already known. What do you mean?

      Are you wanting to waste money in some other search? If so, what and why? These are ultramolecular drugs, so what do you think you could possibly find?
      Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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        Dear Hahnemannian444

        In most parts of the world homoeopathy is not the main choice of therapy. Although it has proven its efficacy for over 200 years the allopathic school has successfully blocked the spread of homoeopathy with scientific evidence. There have been numerous research projects proving effects and proving curative effects. The only obstacle remaining is the proof of some measurable and reproducible parameters which precisely explain how this fantastic therapy induces its mode of action. In my opinion it is time now to come forward with such a finding to make this therapy accessible to the large masses and enlighten the skeptics and enemies of homoeopathy. My aim is to bring together the different schools of science to contribute in the finding of the mode of action for the well being of all.


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          [b] I well know those thoughts and know they're very laudable, but we've been here for 220 years with the same motives, and a lot of people have wasted precious money and time asking the wrong questions. Answer my questions, please.[b/]
          Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
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