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qualities of good homeopath???

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  • qualities of good homeopath???

    Hi there. I really need your help. What are some skills required by homeopaths? What are the qualities that make a good homeopath? If some homeopaths out there could also tell me what skills are put to use most, that would be great. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Merciless the first qualification needed..towards oneself..and others..comittment to homeopaty, not money..


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      I think the qualities GM lists are essential in anyone working with people who may be in distress (physical or emotional).

      But, is it possible to support a family as a homeopath or do you need another source of income?

      This is a serious question.



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        From what I'm finding out, you may want to consider it more of a service than a means to financial independence. Our homeopath where we live seems to be making a simple living out of it, but he's also single, and had a high paying career prior to doing this. That's the way I'm approaching it, anyway.



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          It is difficult to make a living from it but that depends on where you live and how much you can charge in your area. Most homeopaths do it because it is something they want to do, because they believe in it and wish to help people. The way to build up a practice is by recommendation and this will naturally take a while to happen.
          I left my reasonably well paid job for homeopathy and don't regret it at all. It is called a better quality of life and positive feedback that is received from patients. I have to say that I don't have the commitments that I did - my kids have left home and have their own jobs - so my decision to quit my other job was made easier.

          The main qualities you need are 1) to be an impartial observer 2) a good listener 3) as GM says - truthful,
          4) willing to work all hours 5) and realise that you never stop learning!
          RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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            Thanks for that, considering a career change at the moment . I agree there is more to life than money.

            Need to pay a mortgage and bring up a child and possibly have another (don't know about that yet) .

            My regular homeopath does not lead the most affluent of lifestyles either Anna , you should see her car!!!


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              If money is your prime motivation forget homeopathy. It is a vocation and a labour of love. There are far easier professions. Still I can think of no reason why the proper practice of homeopathy should not provide a living.

              Having said that I'm not there yet! Which is one reason why I would add patience to the list of qualities. Patience to see through the first lean years without compromosing the quality of care (not the most important reason though). Proper practice takes time.

              Patience is needed to let the person say all they have to say without interuption. Then to persist until the case has been taken in full. Patience is also required to understand the case and avoid haste in selecting a remedy or repeating it too soon.
              To leave alone when required as nature has it's own time.

              Finally patience with ourselves, these are high ideals and it is no easy task. To follow priciples requires awareness, application and compassion.

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              All the best<BR>Frank


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                Frank - I agree with everything you have written!!!
                RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                  From my experience going to see 3 Homeopaths
                  the first was useless anyway so he was not going to get far .......the 2nd was about 90 yrs old and was very dedicated and probably had a reasonable living

                  The 3rd one was so exceptionally good at picking up what was wrong with folk that her work rapidly came from referrals .....since majority of Homeopaths seem to charge 30 to 40 for about 1 hour if they are working a full week most people would consider that a Good Living


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                    Well I for one would allow two hours for the first consultation and an hour for a follow-up appointment. I work on the case afterwards and that too can take time.

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                    All the best<BR>Frank


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                      Check back to the thread of June 2,2000
                      Topic: Different ways of obtaining a cure.

                      Under date June 3 at 7:43
                      This is just one aspect:
                      - Start the healing process by responding to your patient with consideration.
                      Carole Franske


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                        Consideration should be given to the individual but not to the dis-ease. One occupies the other and this state of 'possession' needs to be understood(stanza 148).

                        In the initial interview this entity may try to hide from the unpredjudiced observer. Ruthless investigation may be required to uncover the image of the dis-ease. Once known it's days should be numbered if the homeopath knows their job(stanza 1).

                        Homeopathy should not negotiate with dis-ease. In an effort to survive it may try to manipulate the unwary homeopath into sabotaging the cure. eg Repeating or changing the remedy too soon. In this sense it is a war and there can be few nicietes.
                        All the best<BR>Frank


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                          the qualities of good homoeopath(aph-83)

                          freedum from prejudice and

                          sound senses

                          attention in observing and

                          fidelity in tracing the picture of the disease.
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                            Very succintly put!
                            All the best<BR>Frank