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  • ADHD 14 yr old adopted son

    Dear All
    I would like therefore to submit the case of my son. An African boy of 14, adopted at the age of 2 and half while I was teaching philosphy at the University of Ghana. He was from the beginning a very problematic child, very disobedient and defiant with everybody except me, his mother, but at the same time very good natured, friendly and open. Incapable of concentration but since the age of four or five capable of making some very fine drawings, really beautiful, though gets bored very quickly with doing them, he gets bored with everything, even sports where he is very successful, Needs to change activity, friends and hates routine, included school where he has been having the worst time of his life for years. He has been diagnosed with ADHD four years ago, but has not responded to any therapy. In fact, this year because of his problems at school we reluctantly agreed to try Strattera first and then Ritalin, but they only made things worst. In a way I am glad because I hated the idea of doping him. They keep suggesting behavioural therapy to improve concentration and behaviour, but he will not do it and in fact I can't imagine my son to go and talk to somebody about himself because he is very independent and hates interfering. The most excruciating thing for years was to help him with his homework because he didn't like the idea of being helped to do things even when he was obviously doing it wrong. So we had to pay a teacher and she has always had a very hard time and only stayed because we paid her very well and also she got to love kojo'. What else is there to say about him? so many things I suppose. He is loved by everybody in the town where we live in Italy. Physically he is very beautiful, slim, with long limbs, long eyelashes, though now he has some spots due to his hormonal changes. But the problem is, he seems to not have any direction, a fly after a constantly moving light. Since I have been helped by homeopathy for an allergic sinusitis with recurrent green discharge and fever, for me a true miracle because it has plagued my life for years and have had no relief from allopathic medicine, I decided to try homeopathy with my son as well. However Kojo' would not accept to come and see my doctor and my homeopath refused to help unless he saw the patient. I have to admit that, due to my faith in homeopathy more than in my capacity, I decided to take the situation into my hands and though you may call me wreckless (but you should also consider our despair as parents who have tried everything and everythig has failed) I did a lot of research and decided to try the remedy Tuberculinum, because it seemed to fit his nature so perfectly, even something like sweat on the nose which i read somewhere, was there. However, after two days i have seen for the first time a kojo' completely different, not quarrelsome, no irritablility towards the family which is usually the case, very funny and sunny. This has happened today and that is why I have decided to write to the forum for further advice. If this remedy should keep on working, what should I do next, and also what should I expect?
    I hope you will help me.
    Thank you
    Kojo's mum

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    Sweetheart, we won't prescribe online, but I can show you some analysis from what you've offered. Mind you, I will have passed over much of what you've said because I don't have time to do all of it or to ask the many questions each issue tends to cause us to resolve.

    I first noticed this:
    Originally posted by zenozeno View Post

    . . . very disobedient and defiant with everybody except me, his mother, but at the same time very good natured, friendly and open.
    Mind, DEFIANT (KENT0015 Acon., anac., arn., canth., caust., guai., lyc., nux-v., spong.

    I'd have to think long and hard for other relevant symptom rubrics from that, but that rubric seems to be a good match for the mentality you presented. I am, however, so interested in why and how you know to consult us about such issues.

    Regardless, on the list, Spongia comes to mind after having read the whole thing, but so do a few of the others now that I see them. Aconite is ruled out because they're mostly even-tempered. George Washington was a typical example of Aconite patients, and you can easily see what happened to him in the hands of God-damned allopaths before homeopaths arrived on these shores.

    Anacardium orientale is a definite possibility. That's the remedy Hitler needed. It's interesting that he also played with painting and rather excelled, isn't it? That ranks highest from this superficial review, but it's meaningless against the requirements of the Law of Similars, so don't take much from it.

    Children needing Arnica usually have aching muscles; and it's somewhat surprising to find it there, so I'd have to reread that pathogenic record to understand why. I don't have time, but you should do so.

    Cantheris I'd have to think about.

    Causticum is common in children's cases, and that (like Spongia and Anacardium) also sounds good for a psychological match, but these are just guesses and musings at the beginning of case analysis.

    I don't know enough about the psychological makeup of Guaiacum patients to be able to say anything, so it would be a must-read text from this first view of the case.

    Lycopodium patients are capricious as children, but there are definitely elements of the Lycopodium state in what you said. It's more reading I won't do for nothing. Indeed, they are quite loving and all of the things you've said, but there's an element to them lacking in what you said. What it is is irrelevant. Still, I would also reread that record.

    Special Note: Nuv vomica definitely comes to mind from what you said, and it probably ranks higher than even Anacardium after Spongia. These are odd people. Nobody loves them because they're unlovable, and yet only their mothers ever realize what's wrong with that. They're psychologically off in a way hard to put into words. For instance, they will steal as children just because they can, and, as adults, they will easily jump into positions of power over others for the sheer thrill of abuse while believing it's helping others because they believe that the so-called “school of hard knocks” helps others even thought that's an insane view Christ condemned to Hell.

    Perhaps the boldest attempt at characterizing this mindset is that they are simply amoral. Ozzy Ozborn comes to mind because he bit off the head of a chicken on stage just because he saw nothing wrong with it.

    These people will do all sorts of evils without the slightest compunction because they seem to lack any sense of right and wrong or good will. Odd statement, isn't it? It's like Sepia patients lacking emotions. What is a human being without either of those? Hence, Nux-v. is definitely to be thought of when taking this case to find out what's actually indicated by the symptoms.

    You can't do this. You don't know what to look for, and you won't know what to ask when the pivotal moments of the case taking arise. You can't present a case as an observer, but it's noble that you want to try. Because you're close, you should take him to advanced prescribers in either Germany, Switzerland or Greece.

    That's all I'm presently prepared to, willing or able to contribute to this case.

    Good luck, and God bless!
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and