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    Originally posted by Hahnemannian444 View Post
    Only Schmidt-Nagel and Hahnemann Labs. Schmidt-Nagel gets preference if they make it in Q-potencies, which is almost assured. Hahnemann Labs is their American distributor, so go that way. Throw the other one away without taking it. Do not use fluxion potencies, and never use any other homeopathic pharmacies.
    i don't know the original source(s) of the remedies my homeopath uses, but i'll enquire. given her reputation and extent of her studies (domestically and abroad) i expect it's a safe bet she doesn't fool around with inferior products. the above would explain why she's had to send away for it.

    In answer to your question about Q-potencies (quinquaginta-millessimal potencies, meaning 1:50,000 serial dilutions with succussions at each stage)
    merci; i think i actually understood that. wonders never cease
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