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Leigh diseases (Leigh Syndrome)

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  • Leigh diseases (Leigh Syndrome)

    Recently, I got two patients of Leigh diseases (Leigh Syndrome). Is there anyone who has any experience of treating this type of case with homeopathy?

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    No experience in treating this condition.

    But this condition can manifest many ways, according to the presentation you can select medicine.
    There is degenerative neurological condition(identical brain changes in both sides-bilaterally symmetric leision in basal ganglia,thalamus,brainstem etc(can think of bilaterally symmetrical remedies?)

    Leigh syndrome can be caused by mutations in mitochondrial DNA or nuclear DNA.
    There may be CNS or Peripheral nervous systems abonormalities,hormone abnormalities(excessive hair),heart abnormalities,stomach disorders etc

    So presentaion in each case may differ
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      Re:@ PANNAKKAL

      Dear PANNAKKAL,
      Thank you very much for your reply.
      I am quite familiar with the disease.
      I want to know if there is anyone who treated any of this kind of cases, because you can understand that there is very short time to treat in case of child where this is more common. And as this is a genetic case - how far we are able to fix this?
      Kind regards


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        Leigh Syndrome

        I wonder how it become a common disease there?
        Due to any drugs during pregnancy?

        I didn,t see a single case yet.
        Most cases will not survive, text book says
        But the scan image in this syndrome will show symmetrical leisons in many areas of brain
        I don't know whether our symmetrical remedies like Syph,Thyroid,Kali-iod,Bacil etc help.
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