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Whiplash accident

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  • Whiplash accident

    I had to stop in my car suddenly to avoid collision 3 days ago and am getting whiplash symptoms. (there was no collision with the other car) I took an arnica 1m the follwing evening, then followed up with a wet dosage of arnica 30c 5-6 x yesterday. I was beginning to feel better, but unfortuneately i had to take a peppermint oil capsule this morning to help alleviate some bad intestinal cramping and can feel the symptoms coming back. Should I repeat the wet dose of arnica this evening or wait till tommorrow. Also should I go for arnica 200c to increase healing time?

    Usually when I take homeopathy generally the 200c level responds fast. Unfortuneately I've had to make the decision myself, as my homeopath is away on holiday and i dont have any 200c to hand.


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    As you got relief from the medicine, you can repeat it again of same potency.Stop when relief occurs.
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      To speed up the healing with whiplash you try over the counter pain relief and herbs that reduce inflammation.

      Other ideas include getting all the vitamins a person needs getting enough rest, managing stress as well as drinking enough fluids.

      Here is a good video about whiplash.